11 weird pregnancy signs and symptoms that you might be pregnant

Pregnancy signs you could be pregnant

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Even though a pregnancy test is probably going to be your most accurate result, aside from a blood test, our bodies will often exhibit other pregnancy signs and symptoms that could be the tell-tale signs you might be pregnant!

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Right before I found out I was pregnant; I experienced some weird pregnancy signs that were definitely connected to that positive test. At the time, I actually recorded and wrote down the different symptoms I had.

I came across these handwritten notes in the back of my journal just the other day. I had 11 weird and early pregnancy signs and symptoms.

Remember every woman is different along with each pregnancy differing too! So, these 11 signs aren’t set in stone and you may be experiencing some of them, all of them or none of them!

How early can I expect to see pregnancy signs or symptoms?

Unfortunately, there is no rhyme or reason to this question.

It can vary greatly, some women may start to notice various signs and symptoms within the first week or two after conceiving.

While others may not notice anything different until a few weeks or even months after being pregnant.

For me, I started noticing these weird pregnancy signs and symptoms within just a couple of weeks of being pregnant, (even though I didn’t know I was at the time).

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11 Pregnancy symptoms that you might be pregnant

  1. Crazy Pooping
  2. Brown and Pink Spotting
  3. Sore Chest
  4. Nausea
  5. Cramps
  6. Tingling Nipples
  7. Sensitive to Smell
  8. NO Energy and Lots of Fatigue
  9. Weird Cravings
  10. Loss of Breath
  11. Forgetfulness

If you are still waiting for your missed period, see if you are dealing with any of these 11 early pregnancy signs.

Also, it is important to note, some of these signs and symptoms continued to progress through pregnancy while others fizzled out as I got further along.

1. Crazy pooping

Ok, we are just going to start right out with this one! Because let’s be honest, after being pregnant, having a baby and being a Mum, poop talk just is what it is.

I’m pretty sure motherhood erases all sense of dignity, so these topics like pooping and pregnancy are just part of being a mother.

Right in the super early stages of pregnancy, around 3-4 weeks, I had crazy pooping problems, and I mean crazy!

It wasn’t like I was sick or had diarrhea or anything like that. I was just pooping way more than usual. I was going 5, 6 or 7 times in one day.

As the weeks went by, I still was having bowel movements more regularly that usual, but it did die down within the first couple of months of being pregnant.

Bowel movements are a typical thing to see some change in during pregnancy and a lot of women see this as a very early sign.

I didn’t experience diarrhea, but some say that is more typical rather than just going a lot.

Every woman is different, but some change in your normal pooping habits is very typical in just those super early stages of being pregnant.

2. Brown and pink spotting (implantation bleeding)

Spotting during those first couple of weeks is often referred to as implantation bleeding and usually happens 6-14 days after conception.

Implantation bleeding is exactly what it sounds like…. Is it when the fertilized egg “implants” or attaches to the lining of your uterus.

This can cause some light brown to pink spotting, and sometimes can be mistaken for an early period.

Implantation bleeding is no need for concern and some women don’t even notice it.

I experienced quite a bit of spotting and it ranged from brown in color to a light pink. I also noticed the spotting about a week after I tested positive too.

3. Sore chest

Sore or tender breasts can be a good sign of early pregnancy.

During pregnancy, your body will experience all kinds of hormone changes, and a sore chest can be a result of one of those.

Your boobs may not only feel tender, but they could also seem fuller than normal and even itchy!

I also noticed more pronounced veins on my chest while pregnant and in those super early stages I also had super sore nipples.

I found having a really comfortable nursing bra helped the girlies feel as good as they could and provided extra comfort and support.

4. Nausea

As you have heard of the term “morning sickness” nausea and vomiting are a very common pregnancy sign. Nausea can happen as early as just a week or two after conception.

I still don’t really understand the term “morning sickness” because for me it wasn’t always in the morning! It was pretty much like all day long!

Some women experience it throughout their whole pregnancy, while others only experience it for part of it.

The lucky few don’t ever get to deal with those nauseous feelings.

Thankfully, for me, I had nausea early on but by about 17-20 weeks I was mostly free from nauseous symptoms.

One of the things that helped me combat nausea was eating ginger snaps and also using peppermint essential oil on my forehead and temples.

Also, Pink Stork, Morning Sickness Sweets can also be so helpful for dealing with those unwanted symptoms.

5. Cramps

It is pretty common to have minor cramps in the early stages of pregnancy.

This can be related to implantation bleeding and is often a sign regarding implantation and the different changes that are going on in your uterus.

This is also one of the more common pregnancy signs and symptoms women experience during early pregnancy.

Cramps can be a pregnancy symptom

When I had cramping in the first few weeks, I noticed it on and off and to me, it just felt like a mild period cramp that didn’t ever progress into anything else.

6. Tingling nipples

I remember experiencing this for the first time in just the first weeks of conceiving and thinking it was one of the strangest feelings I had ever felt.

This was one of those pregnancy symptoms that really stood out to me because it was something so bizarre and felt so weird!

The surge in pregnancy hormones in your body creates increased blood flow to your breasts which then can cause a tingling feeling around your nipples.

7. Super sensitive to smell

This one might haunt you your whole entire pregnancy, at least for me it did!

Some women swear by this pregnancy symptom being legit and can sniff out the faintest of smells.

My husband couldn’t believe the things I could smell and not stand the smell of.

A heightened sense of smell during pregnancy is a real thing and can often start right from the get-go.

If you are smelling out the weirdest of things before you have even missed a period, I wouldn’t be surprised if your pregnancy test is positive.

8. No energy and lots of fatigue

Making another human is a lot of hard work for your body, even in those very early days!

Feeling like you have no energy and lots of fatigue could be because you are pregnant.

This can especially be the case if there isn’t any really any other reason you should be so tired and exhausted.

Try to take things easy, find time to take a nap and give your body some extra needed rest. Let’s face it, take all the naps you can get before your new baby arrives.

Once you become a mother, limited energy seems to be a pretty common occurrence.

9. Weird cravings

Cravings are extremely normal for pregnant mommas. For me, I noticed that I was craving super salty things right at the beginning.

I am a lover of sweet things but when I first became pregnant, I craved stuff on the other end of the spectrum and really could care less about sweets and chocolate.

You might also experience food aversions and really like certain foods that you wouldn’t normally like or want.

Whatever it may be, cravings or aversions, this is a very typical pregnancy sign and symptom and can happen super early on!

10. Short of breath

In the early few weeks of pregnancy, shortness of breath is typical.

With the normal increase of the hormone progesterone, this can often leave you feeling short of breath even in those beginning stages.

Sadly, as your baby continues to grow and you get further along in your pregnancy, shortness of breath is going to be your new tag-along friend.

So I guess it is safe to say, if you are experiencing this pregnancy sign now, you will be well acquainted with it by the end of your pregnancy.

11. Forgetfulness and having a hard time focusing

Pregnancy brain is real and is real right from day 1. At least that is what it felt like for me.

I was still working full time when I got pregnant and I noticed that I had a really hard time focusing at work and had terrible forgetfulness.

Unfortunately, my pregnancy brain continued to get worse. But I definitely noticed it from the beginning as a pretty strong pregnancy sign.

Whether you are experiencing some, all or none of these weird pregnancy signs and symptoms, it can be helpful to write down anything that you might be experiencing.

There are still many other early pregnancy signs and symptoms you could have, just don’t worry yourself too much.

You will be able to take that pregnancy test before you know it.

But in the meantime, hopefully, these early pregnancy signs will be able to tie you over until you can see that positive pregnancy test.

Are you experiencing any other weird pregnancy signs or symptoms? How many days until you can take a test?

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Weird pregnancy signs and symptoms

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