5 meaningful Valentine’s Day gifts for him

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Valentine’s day is literally just around the corner and will be here before we know it. I feel like when each year rolls around I am always looking for fun creative ways to express my love to my husband. Here are 5 meaningful valentine’s day gifts for him.


Valentine's day gifts for him


It is funny how we have a holiday that is completely dedicated to showing love to someone special in our lives. I mean, let’s be real, we should express our love any time of the year, but Valentine’s Day can be fun and is a great excuse to get creative and do something extra special for your spouse or significant other.

I have found that Valentine’s day can bring different feelings to people. Some love it and go ALL out and others seem to approach the holiday with dread. Whether it is your favorite holiday, or it is just another day, it can be fun to ignite the fires of love, so why not use February 14th to do so!


Valentine’s day gifts for him:

What should you get him for valentine’s day? I usually try to put thought into valentine’s day gifts, instead of just running out last minute to grab a card and his favorite treat the night before, although who doesn’t love their favorite treat? So, either way, it usually works. BUT I do like to be more intentional and I think my husband appreciates it when I am.

A unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to do the 5-day gift challenge. Now don’t jump ahead, these can’t be just any gifts, but 5 intentional gifts that coincide with 5 different love languages.


The 5 Love Languages:

If you aren’t familiar with the book “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, I highly recommend giving it a read. It is an easy read with so much useful information and great insight. In summary, the book explains how we all have different “love” languages. Just how different countries speak different languages and understand the language native to them, love is expressed and received better than others in different languages or ways too.  You can also check out my post “How to become a better wife” to see why knowing your husband’s love language is so important.

The 5 different love languages are

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Quality Time
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Acts of Service
  • Physical Touch

Learning about these different love languages and finding out which your husband likes best can be exciting and make his Valentine’s Day extra special this year. Often times we like to show our love in the way we like to receive it, but maybe your husband has a completely different love language to you.

Do this 5-day gift challenge this year for Valentine’s Day and maybe even ask your husband at the end which “gift” he liked best. Learning his love language can serve you forever and be the secret to love that lasts.

Start this gift challenge on February 10th and you will end with one last “gift” on Valentine’s Day. You can choose to do the days in any order. If you already know your husband’s love language maybe save that for the last day!


Day 1: Words of Affirmation

Simple words of appreciation or verbal compliments are powerful communicators of love. Using words of encouragement to uplift him, boost his confidence, and make him feel appreciated can be a great gift in and of itself.

Here are some gift ideas for words of affirmation:

  • Send him sweet texts throughout the day.
  • Write him a handwritten note or card
  • Leave him sticky notes around the house in fun places like on his steering wheel in the car, on the milk in the fridge, on his toothbrush. Get creative and find fun spots where he will see them.
  • Write “I love you” on the bathroom mirror in lipstick.
  • For the 14 days of February, write him a note each day expressing your gratitude for things he does and why you love him.
  • Get a deck of cards and give him 52 things that show him you love him.
  • Use fridge magnets to leave a love note
  • Write a word in Morse code that best describes him and let him crack the code.
  • Fill his side of his bed with paper heart cutouts with little notes written on them.
  • Fill a mason jar with love notes and let him open one each day for the whole month of February.


Day 2: Quality Time:

Some people find spending quality time together exceeds any purchased gift. Planning a date with just you and your spouse can be a great way to spend quality time together. It doesn’t have to be something huge and expensive, doing something simple with one another is just as fun.


Quality Time for Valentines Day


Here are some ideas for spending quality time together:

  • Plan a night out together. Have everything planned and in place so your husband doesn’t have to choose where to eat or what to do.
  • Do a living room camp out and movie night. Pull out an air mattress, grab blankets and treats and watch your favorite movie together.
  • Go to the park and take a picnic.
  • Pick an activity that your husband really likes, take an interest in it and plan a time to do it. Maybe he likes video games, hiking, fishing or building stuff. Find something that is interesting to him and have him teach you how to do it.
  • Show up randomly at his work and take him on a lunch date.
  • Avoid being distracted when you are with him. Put your phone away while you are together.
  • Have a game night and pull out some of your favorite games. We love Skipbo, Mancala, and Uno; super fun and easy to play.


Day 3: Receiving Gifts:

Receiving something physical can be a way that people feel the most loved. Usually, gifts require some sort of thought and time which results in the reciprocate feeling loved. Remember you don’t always need to spend a lot of money on a gift, think of something thoughtful and creative.


Receiving Valentines Day Gift


Here are some gift ideas:

  • Fill his “love tank” with a gift train. Give him small and simple gifts all throughout the day. You could buy his favorite candy, a magazine that talks about a hobby he likes, or a cheap gift card to a store he likes (maybe Home Depot or Sportsman’s Warehouse).
  • Think of something that he has been wanting for a while, and surprise him with it! Keeping a “gift idea notebook” can be helpful for writing down things you hear him mention he would like or needs.
  • Buy him a subscription service of some sort that he could look forward to receiving each month.
  • Enroll him in a class for something he would like to learn. Maybe woodworking, welding, fishing, hunting, archery, cooking. Any hobby he would like to create or enhance.
  • Purchase tickets to his favorite concert or sports game.
  • Buy him small essentials that we all love, like new socks, a tie, a new shaver, a wallet or new phone case.


Day 4: Acts of Service:

Offering service is a great way to show love and appreciation to your spouse. You have often heard “actions speak louder than words” and that phrase rings true if your spouse’s love language is receiving acts of service. Think of mundane tasks your husband usually has to do and take a day or even a week to help out with those things. Offer your service in ways that maybe you wouldn’t normally.

Here are some ideas that you can give for the gift of service:

  • Choose a chore that your husband is usually in charge of and do it for a week.
  • Clean his car or pay to get it detailed.
  • Include your kids to come up with acts of service to show their love for their Dad.
  • Allow him to catch up on some extra sleep on the weekends.
  • Mow the grass for him.
  • Ask him what tasks he needs to get done that week and offer to do them and run any errands for him.
  • Rub his back or massage his feet.


Day 5: Physical Touch:

This one is pretty self-explanatory. But it doesn’t have to be what you might always think it needs to be. Physical touch can cover all kinds of things and doesn’t always have to be intimate. Physical touch can be simple but usually offers some sense of touch and closeness.  This is often quite a common love language.


Valentines Day Massage


Here are some ideas for Physical Touch:

  • Schedule a movie night and have some uninterrupted cuddle time.
  • Take a bath together.
  • Give him a massage.
  • Hold his hand more often when you are out.
  • Give more meaningful kisses when he walks in the door.
  • Grab his hiney 😉
  • Touch his knee while on a drive.
  • Give him an intentional long hug.
  • Be intimate.


Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be stressful because you can’t figure out what to get your husband. It can be a great time to rekindle some love, be romantic and grow closer together. I hope this has sparked some ideas for Valentine’s day gifts for him. Approach each day with intentional love and I think you will be amazed at how your relationship can flourish. Plus, you might be able to find out what love language your husband likes best!


Do you already know your husband’s love language? What is your love language?


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Valentine's day gifts for him


Valentines Gifts for Him

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      I feel the exact same way! I am glad I am not alone haha! So happy this post was able to give some ideas. I have always loved the 5 love languages and it suddenly clicked this year that I should totally incorporate that into Valentine’s Day and gift-giving! 🙂

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