8 natural stomach bug remedies for kids and toddlers

kids stomach bug remedies

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Tummy bugs are the worst, even for adults. Dealing with your toddler or child who has tummy pains, the runs, and is frequently vomiting is no glamorous job. Here are 8 natural stomach bug remedies for kids and toddlers that are fast and effective.

Thankfully stomach bugs don’t hang around for too long and within 24-48 hours the worst is usually behind them. But with that being said, as a mother, you want to do anything to help your child feel comfortable and get rid of that nasty bug ASAP!

When I was a kid, I HATED throwing up! I mean, let’s be real, I don’t think anyone enjoys it, right?! These 8 simple stomach bug remedies and tips will get your little one back on track before you know it!

stomach bug remedies

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a doctor and I am not giving medical advice. Please consult your healthcare professional if needed. I am just a mother with the goal to help and provide information to other mothers out there and share my personal experiences and opinions. 

First off, don’t be quick to reduce your child’s fever

To begin with, don’t rush to the medicine cupboard and be quick to administer children’s Tylenol or Motrin to bring your child’s fever down.

If your child is running a fever, DON’T suppress it. Fevers are actually very beneficial in aiding the body to repair and heal itself.

If fevers scare you, don’t worry, they scared me at one point too. But now I have a complete understanding and knowledge around fevers I don’t fear them anymore and feel a lot more in control and at ease if my child has one.

Check this post out “Reasons why a fever is good for your child’s body” to learn more about why you shouldn’t be scared of fevers and you SHOULD let them run their course.

Child with fever

Obviously, you must always do what you feel is right and do your own research and gain your own understanding. You can monitor your child’s fever and if absolutely necessary I do prefer dye-free children’s Motrin over Tylenol.

With that being said, it is known that ibuprofen can be harder on the stomach, which in this case I would do my best to avoid all OTC medicines where I can or use a homeopathic fever reducer.

Secondly, try to avoid the pink stuff

Now let’s talk about the most common go-to for stomach bugs. Yep, you know that pink stuff called Pepto Bismal.

Although, it seems like the perfect remedy as it states on the box: nausea, upset stomach, and diarrhea relief. 

Sadly, that pink liquid is full of some other not so good ingredients that I would do my best to avoid if possible.

Along with having bismuth (a heavy metal) as the first ingredient, Pepto is filled with artificial dyes and flavors and other added ingredients I don’t want to give to my children.

These stomach bug remedies for kids I am going to cover are a MUCH better choice when treating your toddler or child who has a stomach ache.

1. Let them rest

This seems obvious but is sometimes overlooked. Rest is crucial with ANY sickness, virus or illness. 

When your child is sick, you must help them rest. Encourage them to take things easy, sleep more, relax and try not to exert themselves.

I try to avoid my child watching too much TV, but if your child isn’t feeling well, I think lying on the couch with their favorite stuffed animal, blanket, and movie on is 100% OK!

Bypass the screen time rules a little and turn on their favorite show to help them pass by the time quickly and take their minds off of feeling icky.

2. Activated Charcoal is going to be your magic medicine

You need this in your cupboard, you won’t regret it! Activated charcoal is a powerful remedy for combatting those nasty stomach bugs.

You can make activated charcoal gummies, or you can just add the powder to a drink, yogurt or applesauce. Disguise it any way that your child will be happy to eat it.

You may have heard of activated charcoal for teeth whitening, but it also has its benefits with helping treat a stomach bug.

It is actually used in the emergency room to treat certain kinds of poisoning because it has the ability to absorb toxins in the body. (source)

It is pretty good at its job of flushing out stuff that shouldn’t be there and getting rid of those nasty stomach bugs. It really is a must have for your medicine cubby.

If you’re looking to make your own activated charcoal gummies, check out this post by the Wellness Mama, she gives you everything you need to know.

If you don’t have time to make gummies (like me!) you can easily find activated charcoal tablets.

I think it is best to find a brand where the activated charcoal is made from coconut shells (just to be clear this isn’t the type of charcoal you grill your steaks with!) It is more porous and absorbs better than the derived charcoal.

If your child is not old enough to swallow a tablet you can simply open up the capsule and pour the powder into something they will eat or drink.

When giving activated charcoal to your child you will need to decrease the dosage quite significantly. 

I would suggest starting off with a ¼ of the recommended dosing, no more than 3 times a day.

3. Give some essential oils a try

Essential oils are a powerful tool to have on hand and can offer relief, relaxation and healing properties.

Digestzen (a DoTerra blend), peppermint, On Guard and frankincense are great options for combatting your child’s stomach bug and also boosting their immune system!

You could diffuse the antiviral oils (On Guard & Frankincense) and also put them on the bottom of your child’s feet along with peppermint.

When rubbing the oils onto their feet I would rotate through them, doing no more than two oils at once.

Digestzen is going to be a winner for helping with stomach pains and nausea. I love the rollerball you can buy from DoTerra since it is already pre-diluted.

Rub it onto your child’s tummy and massage in a clockwise motion.

4. Put heat on their tummy

When I am feeling under the weather and have a tummy ache, I love to use a heat pack on my stomach. Encourage your child to sit in a bath for a bit and then heat up a heat pack for them.

Child with stomach pain

Heat can really be a great, simple, and easy stomach bug remedy for your child that will actually be quite soothing.

While they are resting, giving them a heat pack to place on their belly will offer some relief and provide comfort to them

5. Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate

Especially if your child is having lots of diarrhea, you really need to make sure they stay hydrated. 

Be careful not to offer them too many fluids if they are throwing up, and actually try to stay clear of food or drink in the midst of continuous vomiting.

If it has been a while with no more throwing up, encourage them to take small sips of water.

I remember as a child, after I was finally done throwing up more times I could count, I would be so thirsty, because my mouth would be so dry.

I would want to drink a whole glass of water. Thankfully my Mum knew that would result in the liquid coming right back up. She would make me sip water or even a little sprite.

After your child is on the mend, you could find a new sippy cup (these are my toddler’s absolute favorite) or water bottle with a character on it they might like. You can say this is their “special cup” that will help them get better, but they need to stay hydrated and drink.

A little incentive is okay, right?!

6. Make some of that famous “sick” food for your child

You know the food I am talking about, right?! That staple warm soup that always sounds good when you’re not feeling too hot.

Yep, you guessed it, chicken noodle soup!

Obviously, you don’t want to fill your child’s tummy with too much food, especially if there are vomiting.

If they are not hungry, don’t force it. But usually, once the throwing up is done, chicken noodle soup is something light and easy on the stomach.

Plus, there is something about the good ole’ fashioned chicken noodle soup that is the perfect stomach bug remedy for kids and everyone all around!

Now there is a catch to this, use bone broth in your soup! Bone broth offers so many amazing benefits and is a great superfood providing all kinds of nutrients and goodness for your child.

Bone broth is a great way to keep your little one hydrated too!

You can purchase bone broth at most natural food stores, online or make your own.

8. Try a homeopathic remedy

Homeopathic remedies can be powerful and can really aid in the healing and repair of a person’s body. There are a few homeopathic children’s remedies you can find for an upset stomach.

Check out your local natural grocery store, or order on Amazon.

You can also try Ipecacuanha for after every time they vomit or Nux Vomica to help them regain strength after dealing with their stomach bug.

8. A good probiotic

Once your toddler or child is on the mend, giving them a probiotic will help replenish and rebuild good friendly bacteria.

Probiotics are a great immunity booster and my toddler gets one daily.

I recommend the Garden of Life brand or the Smarty Pants gummies that is a multivitamin that includes a probiotic.

You could also offer some yogurt or bread (made from natural yeast) that already is packed full of good probiotics. 

A probiotic is a great daily supplement but also is the perfect stomach bug remedy for kids.

Dealing with a sick child or toddler definitely takes its toll, especially if they give you their sick bug. But don’t worry, it will all be over eventually.

Hopefully, these easy remedies and tips can help your child get better quicker and help them feel as comfortable as possible.

What are some stomach bug remedies you have tried? Do you have any go-to tips for helping your child when they don’t feel good?

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stomach bug remedies

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