8 things you need to be doing when starting a WordPress blog

starting a wordpress blog

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Starting a blog can be a daunting task.  The more that you dive into it, the more things you realize that you need to get done.  It can become very overwhelming and frustrating very fast.  These 9 blogging tips will help you in getting off on the right foot when starting your WordPress blog.

1. Don’t waste time, invest in courses

When I first started my blog I had no idea of where to start.  I had learned that you could make some serious money in blogging but had no real direction of what to do.

I spent hours and hours researching other blogs and how to start a successful, money-making blog.

While I learned a bunch, it all seemed so fragmented and I never felt like I was getting the full picture.  That would be because I wasn’t!

After talking it over with Beth (my wife) we decided to invest some money in a course about blogging. Spending that money was the best decision that we ever made!

starting a wordpress blog

I realized that I had wasted so much time looking for answers but only getting back fragmented pieces to a puzzle.

How to find a good course

A GOOD course will not only give you a full puzzle to begin with, but it will help you do the puzzle.  The time that it will take for you to figure things out will be drastically cut down.

When Beth and I were starting our blog we invested in the Create and Go “Launch Your Blog Biz” course

By taking that course we were able to launch our blog in less than a month.

Launch Your Blog Biz course

I don’t even want to think about how long it would have taken if we didn’t invest the time and money in that course.  Heck, I probably wouldn’t even be writing this post.

I highly recommend their course and you can check out my review HERE.

There are so many courses out there and it can be difficult to know which one to invest your hard-earned money in.  No one wants to buy a course and realize that it was a waste of money.

One challenging thing to do when trying to find a course to take is trying to find one that is:

  • Relevant to what specific topic you are wanting to learn about.
  • Full of useful information. One that will help take you to the next level. 
  • You can usually find quite a bit of information about courses by reading their sales pages or by finding course reviews.
  • Up to date. I like to find courses that have lifetime access and the course creators are continually updating the course content.

Do your research before you buy a course.  I also find it very helpful to read as many reviews as I can.

And not reviews that are found on the course’s sales page either.  I always feel like those reviews are biased and they just want to get you to make a purchase.

TIP: Always buy courses from people who are further along the journey than you are.

Takeaway about courses

I am a huge believer in taking courses.  They will save you time and money in the long run. 

Remember that time is money!  By taking courses you can get done what you need to and get to the next task at hand.

Never think that you are done learning and that you know everything there is to know about a certain topic.  You can always improve, become better, and learn something new. 

Continually taking courses will make you a better blogger and help you get to the next level.

2. Hosting/WordPress blog/themes

There are so many different ways to build a website these days.  However, not all website building platforms/hosts/themes are created equal.

How you set up your website in the beginning can affect a lot of things down the road. 

Services that include hosting like Blogger, Squarespace, Wix, and wordpress.com (different than wordpress.org) are an option for building a website and blog. 

While typically cheaper they lack the functionality of a self-hosted platform.

If you are just blogging for fun than it might be a great fit for you. But If you plan on blogging to make money I would recommend getting on a self-hosted platform like wordpress.org.

WordPress.org has to be one of the best blogging platforms out there.  It can be paired with almost any web host, but I would recommend Bluehost for beginners.

Once you start building your WordPress blog you need to choose a theme.

“A theme is a set of files with pre-written code that allows you  to customize your website without needing coding knowledge.”

(Create and Go “Launch Your Blog Biz” Course)

There are thousands of themes out there.  Every theme is slightly different and some have more features and customizability than others.

I chose to go with the DIVI Theme because of its customizability and fact that I could build the website on the front end (what you see when you go on any website). 

This was very helpful for me as I like to see how things are going to look right away.

You want to make sure that you choose wisely when figuring out which blogging platform you would like to use. 

It can be very difficult to switch later on if you decide to do so. I learned this the hard way.

3. Start with Pinterest

If you’ve recently started a new blog or are contemplating getting into the blogging game, you definitely need to be on Pinterest.

It is by far the fastest way to grow your blog traffic!  Pinterest can be confusing at times; it seems that it is always changing and can be difficult to keep up with.  But I promise you it is worth your time.

For some help with figuring out Pinterest, especially when you are first getting started, check out, “How to get started with Pinterest Marketing for Beginners.”  It will help get you pointed in the right direction.

Part of winning with Pinterest is being consistent.  Pin your content around a consistent schedule, whether that be in the morning or the evening.

TIP: I like to pin more in the evenings when Pinterest users are more likely to be on the platform.

While Pinterest is important, remember not to spend your life on it.

When I first started with Pinterest it seemed that I was spending a few hours a day on the platform.  That was way too many looking back on it now.

4. Pinterest tools

One tool that helped me not spend as much time on Pinterest was Carly Campbell’s Pinteresting Strategies course

Her course is loaded with awesome information about how to succeed on Pinterest. 

Carly’s pinning strategy helped me to grow my blog quickly to the point that I was able to join a premium ad network and start monetizing my blog within the first 4 months of launching my blog. 

You can check out my review of her course HERE.


While Pinterest is great in bringing traffic to your blog, it should not be your only source of traffic.

I like to think of Pinterest as the short-term game. 

It will help you to get that initial traffic so that you can make some additional income with ads or affiliate marketing to continue your blogging journey.

For more long term traffic, I would definitely recommend getting yourself familiarized with Google SEO.  We’ll get into that a bit later though.

5. Use Tailwind Tribes

In conjunction with Pinterest, I cannot recommend Tailwind Tribes enough!  I was able to get three viral pins my first month of using tribes. 

My blog traffic shot up and those pins were bringing thousands of people to my blog.  I could not believe it.

Tailwind Tribes are part of a monthly subscription to Tailwind, a Pinterest approved pin scheduler. 

The best part about it is that Tribes are FREE.  So, why wouldn’t you want to use them.

“Tribes are similar to group boards in Pinterest but without many of the drawbacks that group boards have.  

Back in 2018 Pinterest mentioned that they were downgrading group boards and that it would be better to focus on your own personal boards and content.

With that being said, Tribes are groups of like-minded people where Pinterest pins can be shared. 

The whole idea behind it is to help each other grow our businesses.  I can pin or schedule to pin someone else’s content and they can do the same for me.”

To learn more about Tribes and how to use them check out this awesome article, “How to use Tailwind Tribes to increase your blog traffic.”

Using Tailwind Tribes to grow your blog is something that you don’t want to wait to do.  Again, you can’t fully rely on Tailwind Tribes and Pinterest for all of your traffic.  That is where Google SEO comes in.

6. Learn Google SEO from the very beginning

 If there is one thing that help you get ahead of other bloggers, that would be investing the time and money upfront to learn Google SEO. 

I cannot stress this one enough. 

So many people get hung up on Pinterest being the best source of blog traffic.  I’m not going to say that it’s not because it definitely is the best starting place.

Seeing results with Google can take months but can bring you more consistent and reliable traffic.

Once you are ranking for specific keywords google becomes very passive and doesn’t require much upkeep. 

Whereas Pinterest requires constant attention and requires you to be on the platform every day.

One reason why Google SEO can be so valuable for bloggers is that the majority don’t even bother with it

This can be a huge advantage for you when starting your WordPress blog.

Google SEO seems very daunting and difficult in the beginning.

Because come on, only smart people know how to do Google SEO… Right?

False!  Anyone can do SEO.  It just takes some learning and time.  I highly recommend taking a course to help you get started.

The Stupid Simple SEO 2.0 course is a no brainer and will help get you pointed in the right direction.

Mike Pearsons Stupid Simple SEO 2.0

Mike from Stupid Simple SEO is a Google SEO guru. 

He explains things so that anyone can understand.  I love how he gives examples from different niches and ways to succeed and grow your traffic and income.

His course is COMPLETELY worth the money!  You will not regret it.  Check him out.

Remember not to put all of your eggs in one basket. 

By diversifying the ways and sources that you get traffic you can increase your income and spend less time doing it.

7. Set up Google Analytics right when you start your WordPress blog

This may not seem like a big deal when you are starting out but trust me it is worth the 15 minutes or so that it takes to set up.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that allows you to track your website’s performance.  It can take some time to get used to and know how to use it however.

I think that a lot of people don’t even bother with it because it can be confusing at first.  Google has done an excellent job of creating FREE courses for every type of user.

The FREE courses will teach you how to navigate and use the platform.  You can check them out HERE.

If you want to monetize your site with ads, having Google Analytics installed for your site is a MUST.

Premium ad networks will want to know your website stats in terms of traffic, bounce rate, session duration, etc. and will require that those stats come from Google Analytics.

Google Analytics should also be used as a tool for yourself to better understand your website. 

You can learn so much about your audience, their demographics, their interests, how you acquire users, the source they came from, and so much more.

By understanding how to use Google Analytics you will be better able to make tweaks and adjustments to your blog strategy to help grow your blog.

8. Start an email list

Starting an email list is another thing that you should do from the get-go.  You may think that you can just start one once you start to get traffic to your blog.  Which you can, I guess…

There are however so many benefits in starting to grow your email list early.

  • Build trust with your audience – Emails are much more personal almost like having a conversation.
  • People will see that you are human and real.  You are more likely to listen to someone you trust. 
  • That can provide value ($$$) for you later on down the road.
  • Users provide feedback and tell you what they want – This has to be one of my favorite things about email. I always try and ask questions or get feedback from my subscribers.  I don’t always get replies but those who do reply back provide me with valuable information.  Basically, my subscribers are telling me what they want more of and that helps me write better content that is valuable to them.
  • Emails can better convert your followers into customers – Email is a super powerful tool in making sales. This is because you have taken the time to develop that TRUST that we talked about earlier.
  • You own your email list – Yes, that’s right! Your email list is yours.  You may have thousands of followers on Pinterest, but you do not own them.  If Pinterest for example, were to ban you for some reason and you had 90% of your traffic coming from them, what would happen to your blog traffic?  What would happen to the income that you make from your blog?  You can start to see why an email list is so important.  You would still be able to make sales from your email list if it came to that.

How do I manage my email list?

There are many companies out there that help in managing your email list.  You have MailChimp, ConvertKit, and Optinmonster to name a few.

I personally use ConvertKit.  And, have found that their software is the most intuitive, easy to use, and powerful. 

I heard about them in the “Launch Your Blog Biz” course that I took when I was first starting my WordPress blog.

Along with building up your email list you are able to create awesome opt-in forms, landing pages, and email sequences for your users.

The sooner that you can start building an email list the sooner you can build trust, promote affiliate products, and make sales.

Consistency is VITAL

 Above all this may be the most important thing you should be doing with your blog.  Being consistent along with producing awesome content is the key to success with blogging.

Consistency in creating content

 It doesn’t matter if you only can produce one good blog post every two weeks, or 5 posts in a single week.  Being consistent will help you grow.

Obviously, if you can consistently produce more good content you will grow quicker.

It is better to write one good post per week than it is to periodically post an article here or there “when you have time.”

Between my wife and I, we have the goal to write 3 awesome articles every week.  That is the number that we found to be doable for ourselves.

My suggestion would be to figure out how much time you can set aside each week and determine a number(s) of quality posts that you can crank out. 

And then do it!  Hold yourself accountable and get done what you say you will.

Consistency with Pinterest

 Another crucial thing to be consistent with is Pinterest.  Pinterest loves when users act normal and are active on their platform.

Set aside an amount of time every day to dedicate to Pinterest.  Whether it is 10 min or an hour it doesn’t matter.  Just do it every day.

Starting a WordPress blog is SOOOO doable

This list is not meant to be overwhelming.  I know that adding a bunch more things to your huge list of to-do’s can be stressful. 

These are just the things that I found helpful when starting my blog. 

I’m so glad that I implemented them early on and know that they have helped my wife and I to get ahead in the blogging game.

Hopefully, you have gained some valuable insights that will help you know how to start your blogging journey off on the right foot.

Remember to keep your head up and put your shoulder to the wheel.

What are some things that have helped you when starting your blog?  What things have been frustrating or stressful.  Leave some comments below, I’d love to hear.


starting a blog using wordpress
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