A super fun baby shower activity that isn’t a game

Baby shower activity

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If you have been to your fair share of baby showers you probably have seen all of the baby shower games and played them.

Am I right?

As fun as some of those games are, here is another super simple and fun baby shower activity that could be a great addition to your baby shower. Or whoever you may be throwing a shower for!

Baby shower activity

I was pregnant with my baby when I attended a relative’s baby shower and came across this super cute baby shower activity. It was something that was fun, easy, and didn’t require a silly game to be involved, like tasting baby food or something. Ewww, gross!

Plus, it was something that would constantly give back every day. Well actually to be honest, more like multiple times a day!

You are probably on the edge of your seat now wondering what an earth this activity could be!

It really is simple; it is basically writing notes on diapers. Sounds silly but was actually super fun and cute. You could call it whatever you would like! “diaper notes”, “late night diapers”, or “supportive diaper messages.”

Diaper messages baby shower

Babies go through a lot of diapers and moms go through a lot of diaper changes. Dads, well they get their fair share too, but let’s be honest, I think moms win that contest.

With all those diaper changes at ALL hours of the day, sometimes a little encouragement, support, or a laugh can make those middle of the night diaper changes not so rough.

Supplies you will need:

  • Diapers
  • Markers
  • Some sort of instructions
  • A cute set-up if you want
diaper message instructions

Once you have your supplies, which I am sure you have anyway, it is really up to you whether you want guests to participate at their own leisure or you could even hand out diapers and markers and guests can complete the activity while sitting down in their seats.

At the baby shower, I attended they just had a cute set up with the supplies and instructions on a table, and when you arrived it was pretty easy to see and very self-explanatory.

What kinds of things should people write?

That is the fun part. They can write something sweet, encouraging, kind, or all of the above. Or it can be funny and silly to help put a smile on your face when you are sleep deprived and exhausted. (Or the person you are throwing the shower for).

Diaper messages

If you are wanting to provide some examples on your display here are some you can choose from below. But really your guests can write anything they want. Personalized, simple, or lighthearted, anything goes with this activity.

That is the joy of it!

• Oops I did it again!
• Cute and Stinky
• My mom is the best
• Open at your own Risk
• What goes in must come out
• This one’s for Daddy
• Sorry, I didn’t realize it was 2am
• That smell is coming from daddy
• One day I will be wiping your butt
• Nose plugs not included
• I love you!
• You will get sleep eventually
• To pee or not to pee
• At least I’m your favorite
• I think I just set a world record
• One down, hundreds more to go
• I don’t smell anything
• Patience or 1-800-Grandma
• Relax, only 18 more years

Like I said your guests can really write whatever they please, you could just list a few examples in your instructions if you would like.

Well, that really is pretty much it! A simple fun baby shower activity that will be sure to put a smile on your face or whoever you are throwing the shower for.

What other baby shower activities have you participated in? I would love to hear your favorites.


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