The 9 best pregnancy pillows you need to know about in 2020

best pregnancy pillow

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Growing a baby is hard work. It leaves you feeling exhausted and tired even when you wake up in the morning. That can end today, right here and right now. Because I have the solution for you! It is a pregnancy pillow! Keep reading to see what my picks are for the best pregnancy pillows to help you get the rest you deserve.

Are you tossing and turning all night long?

Does it take hours to actually get comfortable and finally drift off to sleep?

Do you dread going to bed because you know you won’t sleep good anyways?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, you NEED a pregnancy pillow.

Ok, but do I really need a pregnancy pillow?

C’mon, you are growing another human, so you need to take care of yourself like you are the queen.

Being pregnant is hard work, so the least you can do is give yourself a restful night’s sleep.

With the frequent nightly wake-ups for those potty breaks, getting back to sleep can be hard especially when you can’t seem to get comfortable.

A good pregnancy pillow is a must have and I can assure you that you will be thanking me later.

best pregnancy pillows

That new found baby bump you are sprouting is starting to put strain on your hips, back, neck, and just about anywhere and everywhere.

A pregnancy pillow will help support those areas and make sleeping a million times more restful.

Treat yourself to a pillow, if it makes you feel better, look at it as an investment. They will last forever so you can use it for future pregnancies too.

Not to mention, when baby come along you will get even less sleep. So, make every snooze count AND be comfortable.

What is a pregnancy pillow?

A pregnancy pillow is basically a pillow that helps support your body during pregnancy.

These pillows offer great support and comfort, promoting restful sleeping.

There are quite a few different types of pregnancy pillows.

Some are full length, others are wedges. You can also find pregnancy pillows that are more designed to accommodate side and stomach sleepers.

What type of pregnancy pillow is right for me?

Everyone has different preferences and if you are anything like myself when I was pregnant, I was very particular about what I did and did not like.

So, when it comes to choosing a pregnancy pillow it is helpful to know which type might be the best fit for you.

5 Things to consider when choosing a pregnancy pillow

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a pregnancy pillow and deciding what is the best fit for you.

  • Size
  • Style
  • Shape
  • Material
  • Versatility


Some pregnancy pillows are quite large to say the least. Depending on the size of your bed may dictate which pillow is best for you.

Your husband may have to give up a little space in the bed for the two of you AND your pillow to all fit.

Just take into consideration the size and how much room you have.

There are all sorts of sizes and some are smaller and more space efficient than others.


You might be surprised at how many different styles of pregnancy pillows there are. Some are full body pillows, while others maybe only a small wedge.

Different styles may offer support and comfort to different areas of your body.


Along with the different styles of pillows, there are also a variety of shapes as well.

Some pillows curve around your whole body supporting your head and tucking in between your knees, while others may offer more support to your baby bump and back.

Depending on where you are experiencing the most discomfort may determine which shape suits you best.


During my pregnancy, I would tend to get night sweats so if you fall into that same category it might be good to look for a fabric that is more breathable.


Some pregnancy pillows allow more versatility and can have multiple uses.

If you’re looking for a nursing pillow or something comfortable to support your back while watching tv or reading a book, there are some great options that are multipurpose.

What are the best pregnancy pillows?

There are so many options out there when it comes to pregnancy pillows that it can be hard to know which one is best for you.

Just like anything, there usually are pros and cons to each product but sometimes it is helpful to see the good and the bad about a product all in one place.

The 9 best pregnancy pillows

  • Pharmedoc Full Body
  • Meiz U-Shaped
  • Leachco Snoogle Chic
  • Boppy Side Sleeper
  • Queen Rose
  • Cozy Bump pregnancy pillow
  • Boppy Wedge
  • Leachco Back N’ Belly
  • AS Awesling

Below I will share the 9 best pregnancy pillows featuring their highs and lows and hopefully you will be able to pick the one that best fits your needs.

This list is in no particular order.

1. Pharmedoc C Shape


This C shape pregnancy pillow curves around your back and meets in the front offering support to your head,belly, and legs.

Pharmedoc C shaped pillow really offers support in all areas including head, neck, back, hip, and knee pain.

It also has adjustable polyfill and a removable machine washable pillowcase.

Checking all of the boxes of comfort, support, durability, and versatility, this pillow is the best all-around pregnancy pillow choice.


Double stitch seams
Lifetime warranty
Accommodates tall mothers
Very supportive


Can lose its shape over time
Zipper on cover can get stuck

2. Meiz U-Shaped


This U shaped pregnancy pillow offers head to toe support creating a more restful sleep.

Not only does this pillow give back support but its U shape is long on both sides and give great support in front.

Your baby bump, knees, hips, and back will all be supported with the Meiz pregnancy pillow.

This pillow also has an inner and outer machine washable covers along with adjustable polyfill, different sizes, and color options.


Machine washable
Comes in different sizes
Variety of color options
Soft material
Good customer service


Can loose its shape
Only a 30 day guarantee
Not the best for hot sleeper

3. Leachco Snoogle Chic


The Leachco Snoogle was designed by a registered nurse and mom so it checks all of the boxes.

Its C shape is very versatile and also contours around your body perfectly.

The Snoogle is a very popular pregnancy pillow with thousands of reviews on Amazon. Customers attest to its comfort and great full-body support.

It also has a machine washable cover to make washing a breeze.

Although, the cheaper options of the Snoogle do not have a removable zipped cover. Make sure you choose the Snoogle Chic if you would like to be able to wash the cover.


Machine washable cover
Replaces the need for other pillows
Can be used while sitting or nursing
Different fabrics to choose from


A little more expensive
Can go flat with time
Customers wish the pillow was longer

4. Boppy Side Sleeper


This pregnancy pillow is the PERFECT option if you are looking to save space and use your own pillow.

The Boppy Side Sleeper offers great support to both your belly and your back.

With two cushions either side and a jersey stretch panel in the front, this pillow will keep you comfortable and prevent you from rolling to your back or belly during the night.

You still have plenty of room to put an extra pillow in between your legs if needed.

Plus, this pillow allows you to use your own preferred pillow while sleeping ensuring optimum comfort and neck support.

This is the pregnancy pillow I really liked when I was pregnant but I actually found it most comfortable using it in a different way.

Instead of laying in between the two cushions, I used one cushion to prop my belly up and the other cushion went between my legs to give support and comfort in those areas.

I then just used an extra regular pillow to prop behind me if I needed some back support.

If you don’t like the feeling of being wedged in the middle of this pregnancy pillow, this innovative way to use it might be better for you.

The Boppy Side Sleeper really is a great pregnancy pillow option that can be used for sleeping, naps, lounging on the couch or even to prop your legs up.

It will make your husband happy to because he won’t need to give up his side of the bed for one of those HUGE full body pillows.


Small and compact
Prevents you from rolling on to your back or belly
Very soft
Adapts to your growing belly
Makes a great traveling pillow
Perfect for naps


Some women feel trapped between the two cushions
It isn’t a full body pillow
Fabric can stretch out too much after frequent usage

5. Queen Rose


This pregnancy pillow is a giant U-shape that hugs your back and belly while supporting your head and neck.

The Queen Rose will be your best friend as you enter those later months of pregnancy and can’t seem to get comfortable at night.

Not only is this pillow multifunctional, but it also has a zippered cover that is easily machine washable and comes in different fabric options and sizes.

Even those the Queen Rose is large and may be better suited for those with a king size bed, as a pregnant woman you deserve the best sleep you can get.

Mothers rave about its comfort, support, and multi-functionality. This pillow is great for postpartum, breastfeeding or if you need some extra support while sitting.


Machine washable cover
Different fabric options
Comes in different sizes


Very short
Quite firm
Cover is hard to put back on

6. Cozy Bump pregnancy pillow


For all of those stomach sleepers out there, this is the pregnancy pillow for YOU!

The Cozy Bump pillow allows you to comfortably sleep on your stomach, taking the strain off of your back.

This pregnancy pillow has been improved and their newest products also offers a hole for your face to comfortable fit through, along with a cutout for your chest to ensure optimum comfort.

It also features small hand holes too, if you don’t want your arms dangling, you can easily slip them into the holes under your face.

It also has a removable pillow that allows you to use your own pillow if desired.

Not only does this allow those stomach sleepers to enjoy time on their tummy comfortably and safely, it also decompresses lower back pain, helps you feel weightless, like that baby bump isn’t even there, AND can even encourage baby to flip around to the correct birth position.


Gives relief for back pain
Allows you to lie on your stomach
Great for naps
Perfect for a massage
Decompresses the lower back
Can help baby better reposition


Has a plastic feel
Not very soft (cozy)
Not ideal for night time sleeping
Doesn’t come with pump

7. Boppy Wedge


If you are in need of a small pillow that offers support to either you back or belly, the Boppy Wedge is small, compact and will take up hardly any real estate in your bed.

You can even slide this pillow between your legs as well to provide support to your legs and hips.

Due to its size, this wedge pillow is also perfect for travelling and taking on the go.

It also have a removable zippered cover that is machine washable and easy to remove and replace.

Along with its compact size, the boppy wedge is very affordable.

If you are a bargain shopper and want an easy, cheap, yet effective solution to those restless night, choose the Boppy Wedge.


Small and compact
Easy to travel with
Machine washable
Firm and supportive
Can be used while sitting


Isn’t a full body pillow
The wedge incline may not be enough for some mothers
Won’t give you support in all areas that other pillows might

8. Leachco Back N’ Belly


The Leachco Back N’ Belly was one of the first of its kind and still stands true to its great reputation and customer satisfaction.

Since the pillow is symmetrical, there is no need for the hassle of repositioning in the middle of the night if you switch sides.

You will feel supported all around with this pillow, hence the name Back N’ Belly, this pillow with give support in all those problem areas, along with head and neck support.

The sham style removable cover is machine washable for ease of cleaning and also comes in a variety of different colors.

As this pillow is contoured, the Leachco Back N’ Belly does a really great job of fitting to your body well and offering optimum support and leaving you well-rested.


Machine washable
Offers good support
Has other uses
Replaces the need for other pillows
Features an elastic strap to connect each side of the pillow
Comes with an extra pillow


Takes up a lot of space
Hard to put cover back on
It is on the shorter side

9. AS Awesling


The AS Awesling pregnancy pillow really has a lot going for it.

It is extreamly functional and very versitale. Designed to meet the needs of all areas of your body and provide optimum support and comfort.

Not only is the Awesling multifunctional, but you can also unzip each section of the pillow.

The pillow has 4 different sections to it, but you are able to unzip different sections if you don’t need them or would prefer to use them in a different way.

The awesling also comes with an extra small pillow that you can use for added bump or back support depending what trimester you are in and where your aches and pains currently are.

Along with the many features this pregnancy pillow provides one of the really innovative things this pillow boasts is is stretchy connecting strap.

This strap is used to connect both sides of the pillow together, preventing the pillow from moving around and you losing support.

Lastly, this pregnancy pillow is easily adjustable with the ability to remove or add the inside material of the pillow.


Replaces the need for other pillows
Each section can be unzipped
Comes with an extra pillow
Has a stretchy connector between each side of the pillow


Can be pricey without a sale

The bottom line

Choosing a pregnancy pillow can be hard. It seems like there are so many options out there and it can be difficult to know what might be the best fit for you.

Remember to take into account the size, shape, style, and versatility, and hopefully you will be able to pick the perfect one for you.

You are just one step away from actually getting some sleep at night!

Honestly though, get all the sleep in that you can before your new baby arrives!

What style of pregnancy pillow do you like best? What is your biggest drawback to purchasing a pregnancy pillow?

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