DIY Easy Valentine’s Day Banner

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This banner is quick, easy and cheap. I cost less than $5 and takes about 30 minutes to make. Decorating for Valentine’s Day can be fun and can make your home feel some more love just in time for February 14th. Try this DIY easy Valentine’s Day Banner to help spruce up your fireplace or shelf.

Supplies you need:

  • Ribbon
  • Rope, jute, or yarn to hang the cards on
  • Deck of cards
  • Scissors


DIY Valentine's Day Banner


Take out all of the cards that are hearts. Find where you want your banner to hang so you know how long your banner will be as that will determine how many cards you decide to use. I ended up needing 10 cards. Lay your cards out and then punch two holes in the top of the cards. I turned the card over and found a spot in each corner that was the same on all of the cards. I didn’t measure where I was punching the holes, I just used the design on the back to pinpoint the holes. They don’t need to be perfect so just do your best at guessing.


Playing card banner


Cut your rope to length. I chose a cute pink rope, but you could really use anything like jute, yarn or even ribbon. Start threading your rope through the holes on the cards. I liked my rope to lay on top, so I made sure I was threading it the right way to have that end result.


DIY Valentines Day Banner


Continue threading the rope through each card connecting them all together.


DIY Valentine's card Banner


Grab your ribbon and start cutting equal pieces. I chose two different ribbons to add more variety. I cut each strip about 9 inches long.


DIY Playing Card Banner


Align each strip of ribbon evenly and fold them in half. Lay the ribbon underneath the rope that is stringing the cards together.


Valentine Card Decoration


Loop the ribbon around the rope and thread the ends through the loop of the ribbons. This can get a little fiddle, so it could be helpful to have someone hold either side of the rope and stretch it tight while you tighten the knot of the ribbon.


DIY Card Banner decoration


Continue tying the ribbon in between each card. I did ribbons on both ends too.


Playing Card Decoration


That’s it! Super simple, cute and easy peasy! All the things I like when doing DIY crafts.


DIY Valentine Day Craft


This is the perfect banner to hang on your fireplace, floating shelf or bookshelf.


Cute Playing Card Valentine Banner


I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY Valentine’s Day banner craft.


DIY Valentine's Day Banner Craft


Disclaimer- Orginal craft idea came from this post that Happinessishomemade did.

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easy Valentines day banner

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