How to make easy DIY pinecone bird feeders

pinecone bird feeders

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If you are anything like me you probably yearn for those warm sunny spring days after a long, cold winter. There are so many fun outside activities you can do once the weather warms up a bit. Our lastest outside “nature” activity were these super easy pinecone bird feeders.

pinecone bird feeder

Don’t get me wrong winter can be fun and enjoyable too, and there are still plenty of cool inside activities you can do.

But by the time January or February rolls around I get a bit sick of the deep snow and frigid temperatures, and yearn to get outside and soak in some rays.

Now we are into March we have been seeing some quite pleasant warm days. And I LOVE it! So does my very busy, active toddler.

He would probably live outside all day every day if I let him! This fun springtime nature craft is the perfect go-to for filling a spring afternoon while inviting the birds into your yard and entertaining your child.

The supplies you will need are pretty simple and some of which you might already have.

  • Pinecones (we have an abundant amount in our yard)
  • Peanut butter
  • Birdseed
  • Twine, jute, yarn, rope etc.

That’s all you need along with a pair of scissors and some trees to hang your pinecones on.

Oh, and of course a little helper always makes things a little more exciting! 😉

First off, its time to go and pick some pinecones. Like I said we had quite the abundance in our yard so we had no problem finding any.

Picking pinecones

We had the smaller pinecones so we decided to fill up our bowl with quite a few. If you can find the bigger pinecones you may not want to do as many.

Pinecones in a bowl

Grab your bag of birdseed and get it opened. We decided to buy a very large bag!

I guess we can do lots of pinecone bird feeders. Probably for the rest of my toddler’s childhood! Pour some bird seed into a somewhat large rectangular Tupperware.

Bag of birdseed

This project can be a little messy, especially if you have a toddler helping you! BUT I tried my best to keep things as clean as possible.

Cover a large cookies sheet in aluminum foil and that way you can try to keep everything contained. Well, as much as possible.

Pinecone bird feeders

Dad took the lead role in this project with Thomas helping and I was behind the camera. Spread peanut butter all over each pinecone.

Pinecone feeders

I think my toddler almost enjoyed eating the peanut butter more than helping spread it.

Spreading peanut butter

Then roll your peanut buttered pinecone into your birdseed. We found it easiest to have the birdseed in a Tupperware. This also helped keep things less messy.

pinecone bird feeder

Continue this process with all of your pinecones. As you can see from the picture, my toddler still managed to make a mess. I guess that is life with a toddler, right?!


We used twine to attach the pinecones to the trees. You really could use anything you can get your hands on. Yarn, jute, ribbon, rope, pretty. much anything you can tie a knot with.

playing outside

We have so much twine from all of the hay that we feed our bigger animals we thought why not put the extras to good use?!

Simply tie a knot at one end of the pinecone. You kind of what the pinecone to hang as vertical as possible.

Pinecone and twine

Last step is to just find some good bird worthy trees and hang them. Simple, quick and easy!

pinecone on tree

We spaced them out on different trees and Thomas helped by picking what trees we should hang them on.

We tried to hang them close to some other branches so the birds would have something to perch on while nibbling away at our pinecone feeders.

Pinecone birdfeeders

This was a fun activity that helped us get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Plus, it will be fun and exciting to see what types of birds our backyard new additions attract.

Have you made pinecone bird feeders in the past? What types of birds paid a visit to your house?

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pinecone bird feeders
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