Easy DIY Fall Succulent Pumpkin

Easy succulent DIY pumpkin decoratation

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Fall time is upon us which means pumpkins everywhere. This is a super easy and inexpensive DIY fall succulent pumpkin craft that you can easily do in under an hour plus it is SO cute! I love succulents and pairing them with pumpkins is the perfect match.

Succulent pumpkins

Supplies you will need

Succulent Pumpkin Craft Supplies
  • Faux pumpkin (Preferably a hollow one), I got mine at Joanns for about $6.
  • Styrofoam block or ball.
  • Spanish moss.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Plastic container (I used an empty cottage cheese one).
  • Succulents
  • Knife (I used a drywall cutting knife, but anything sharp should work)
  • Wire cutters (not pictured but may be useful)


To start with place your empty plastic container on the top of the pumpkin and trace around it with a pencil.


Use a knife of some sort and cut around the traced line and cut the top out.

**Ideally you want a hollow pumpkin, although one of the pumpkins I used wasn’t hollow, so I just had to carve out some of the inside. Using a hollow pumpkin will save you some time and hassle.**


Place the plastic container inside the pumpkin and the styrofoam ball into the container.


Next, grab your Spanish moss. Prepare to get it everywhere, this stuff is messy.

Start laying the Spanish moss on top of your pumpkin, and I found it easier to use scissors to cut chunks of the moss off instead of pulling it apart (it will be a little less messy that way). Grab your hot glue gun and start gluing the moss down.


Next, grab your succulents and begin placing them where you want. Press the stems into your styrofoam ball to secure placement. If your succulents came in bunches, you may need to cut pieces off and spread them out.

You also may need to trim any really long stems. Use wire cutters to both of these jobs.

Lastly, begin gluing the succulents down to make sure that stay in place and don’t fall out over time.

When everything was glued and in place, I went back and added a little more Spanish moss in places that were bare, or the plastic container was showing. Just use your hot glue gun to glue any additional moss in.


Well, that’s it! Pretty simple and easy, right? This fall diy succulent pumpkin is so cute and adds a really nice fall charm to your home.

You can either use them as centerpiece decorations for your table or you can place them around your house.

fall DIY Succulent Pumkin Craft

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Easy fall Succulent Pumpkin craft
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