Dollar Store Valentine’s Day DIY Table Craft

Valentine s Day DIY table craft- Featured image

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I absolutely LOVE an easy craft, and this Valentine’s Day DIY table craft was ridiculously easy and took no time at all. You need 4 items and no sewing is involved. Along with being super easy, this whole entire craft cost about $4! I got the hearts at the ribbon at Dollar Store.


Supplies you will need:

  • 2 packs of large felt hearts (I had 4 total, but you could do as many as you want)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors


Valentine's Heart Table Runner


To start off with, lay your hearts out. I did alternate colors and one heart right side up and the other upside down.


Felt Heart Table Runner


Decide where you want to connect the hearts and cut your ribbon to length and thread it through the holes on the hearts. I decided to use two types of ribbon to give the bow some more variety.


Valentine's Day Heart Craft


Simply tie a bow to connect the hearts together.


Dollar Store Valentines Day Craft


Continue this process until you have connected all of the hearts.


Dollar Store DIY Valentine Craft


And that is it! See I told you! It is SO easy and SUPER cute!


Dollar Store Heart Table Runner Decoration


Use this runner to spice up your table and get you in mood for Valentine’s Day!


DIY Heart Table Runner


*Disclaimer- Orginal craft idea came from this post that ribbonsandglue did.

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Dollar Store Valentines Day Table Craft

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