Dollar store Valentine’s Day Gift Bag Banner

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The dollar tree is one of my favorite places for gift bags and cards. For a couple of reasons, they are SO cheap and you can find pretty cute stuff there too. With that being said, I found this super easy cute Dollar Store Valentine’s Day gift bag banner that was really simple and would be a fun Valentine’s Day decoration for my home. So I decided to give it a go!

Supplies you will need:

  • Gift Bags (They came in packs of 3) I got 9 in total
  • Scissors
  • Jute
  • Hole Punch


Dollar Store Valentine's Day Gift Bag


Getting Started

First of all, choose how many bags you want for the banner, I chose to do 8 bags, you could totally do more or less. With each gift bag, grab your scissors and cut down the creases on the side on both sides. Make sure you are cutting the side of the gift back that folds all the way down at the bottom. You want the full length of the bag for the banner


Dollar Store Valentine's Craft


Make a template for cutting the bottom of the bags. I cut the leftover bag I didn’t end up needing and used the cutout from the bottom as the triangle template for the rest of the bags. Simply place the template at the bottom of the bag and with a pen or pencil draw around it.


Dollar Store Valentine's Gift Bag banner


Once you completed the previous step on all of your bags, then grab your scissors and cut along the drawn lines at the bottom of each bag.


Dollar Store DIY Gift Bag Craft


I then cut the handles off of the bags.


Valentine's Day Gift Bag banner


After all the handles are cut off, I then cut the top of the bags off. I cut down to meet the section of the bag where the handles were being connected. Doing this will give you a nice neat finish.


DIY Gift Bag Craft


Take your hole punch and punch two holes into the tops of the bags. I measured were I wanted them to be and once I hole punched holes into one bag, I used that bag as a template for the other bags.


Dollar Store Valentine's banner instructions


I continued to hole punch the rest of the bags.


heart Gift Bag craft


Lay them all out in the order you want them to be in.


Gift Bag banner


Grab your jute and thread it through the holes in each bag.


Valentines decoration


That’s about it! way easy and cute as can be. Find a fireplace or shelf you can hang it from and it will add a nice Valentine Charm to your house.


Dollar Store Valentines Day banner decoration


*Disclaimer- Orginal craft idea came from this post that the Crazy Craft Lady did.

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Valentine Gift Bag banner decoration

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