Everything you need to know about amber teething necklaces

amber teething necklace

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Have you tried everything for your screaming teething baby and alas, still no luck? You are probably exhausted, at wit’s end and will do anything to give your baby some relief. A Baltic amber teething necklace has so many benefits. They can really help your little one through the process of teething.

You probably hear every side of the story about amber teething necklaces. Some mothers swear by them, while others might think they are completely ridiculous and don’t help and there might be a few that fall somewhere in between, maybe sometimes seeing possible benefits.

Amber teething necklace

Whichever end of the spectrum you are on, I would guess you must be somewhat curious about amber teething necklaces and their benefits.

There are many different natural teething remedies to choose from but from personal experience, an amber teething necklace should be a definite must-have.

I am going to share with you everything you need to know about them. I will also share my own personal success story I have had from using them with my child.

When does teething start and what are the signs and symptoms?

First off, let quickly address this question. Teething can start from as early as 4 months all the way to a year old. Typically, most babies will begin cutting those first few teeth at around 6 months. My little guy was an early teether, so we started the fun right at 4 months.

There are quite a few tell-tale teething signs and symptoms that your baby might experience. The most common are drooling, extra fussiness, excess drooling, ear tugging, and sleep disruptions are just to name a few.

If your baby is dealing with one, two or all of these things, you might have a teething baby on your hands.

What is a baltic amber teething necklace?

An amber teething necklace is a necklace that your baby wears. The necklace is made up of small amber beads that have a magic ingredient called succinic acid. Baltic amber is a specific type of amber that has been mined near the Baltic sea.

What is succinic acid?

Succinic acid is a common active ingredient in Chinese medicines. It carries anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immune-boosting properties.

It is also said that succinic acid can act as an analgesic when absorbed into the baby’s skin. Although there is any actual evidence for this, there is information that succinic acid has calming effects.

baltic amber

Plus, there are plenty of mothers out there that vouch for the benefits of amber teething necklaces and the great effects succinic acid has had on their teething baby.

As the necklace is worn against the baby’s skin, the contact and heat from the child helps succinic acid get absorbed into the baby’s bloodstream.

How do baltic amber teething necklaces work?

As the necklace is worn against the baby’s skin, the contact and heat from the child helps succinic acid get absorbed into the baby’s bloodstream.

With all of the good health properties previously mentioned that succinic acid carries, you can see how amber teething necklaces can be a great effective natural remedy for teething pain.

Does my baby chew on the necklace for relief?

I think this is a pretty common misconception about teething necklaces. I think because babies like to mouth, bite and chew on things while teething, it is easy to think the necklace is for chewing.

Baby teething toys

The necklace is NOT intended to be chewed. The necklace simply is worn by your baby and that is it. Your baby won’t even notice it is there. My toddler still wears his amber teething necklace daily and doesn’t even try to mess with it. Keep all those teething toys for chewing on.

Are amber teething necklaces safe?

You may hear that amber teething necklaces are not safe for your baby to wear. The main potential risk people are concerned about are choking if the beads broke off and were swallowed or strangulation if the necklace was too tight or got stuck on something.

Purchasing an amber teething necklace of top quality should wipe those worries and fears away. Making sure you choose a necklace that a knot in between in each bead will ensure if in the event the necklace does break, not all the beads will scatter.

Also, choose a necklace that has a “pop clasp” fastener instead of a twist one. If tugged on it will pop open and not be a hazard for strangulation.

Are all teething necklaces created equal?

The quick answer to this is no. You must make sure you find a REAL amber teething necklace. There are so many options out there to choose from, that is can be overwhelming to know what ones are real and what ones might be fake.

Mama Natural’s teething necklace would be my first option. It meets all of the safety requirement and that is the one my toddler uses.

I also love to research the company, ask questions and read reviews to make sure I am getting an authentic product. If you want to test it yourself, you can try putting it up against something hot and you should smell a hint of pine.

Does it matter what color I get?

Baltic amber comes in a few different colors. You will typically see white, yellow, black, brown, blue, and green. Some necklaces come all in one color or you can find a multicolored one like my toddlers in the picture.

baby wearing teething necklace

Some say that the lighter in color the beads are the more succinic acid there is. I’m not sure how true that is, as some other companies say the colors don’t matter.

Should I get raw and unpolished?

Yes! I would suggest getting a raw and unpolished amber teething necklace vs. the polished ones.

The polished amber teething necklaces may not give your baby the most relief. When the necklace gets polished, the succinic acid often gets trapped and sealed up inside making it harder for your baby to absorb the acid.

Just like anything (food and milk included) finding something in its most raw state is going to be the best option.

At what age can my baby start wearing an amber teething necklace?

I would probably recommend at around 3-4 months would be a great age to introduce a teething necklace to your baby. Even if your baby isn’t showing any signs and symptoms of teething yet, it can’t hurt for him or her to wear it.

Those teeth might just suddenly pop right through without you even knowing because the necklace is working its magic!

Should I let my baby sleep while wearing the necklace?

For best practices, it is always recommended to remove the necklace for nap and sleeping at night. Some mother feels completely fine leaving it on their baby 24/7 and that is totally fine.

Do what you feel good about doing and what makes sense to you. When my baby was young, I always removed it for both naps and bedtime. As he got older, I felt comfortable leaving it on during nap time (remember mine has the pop clasp for safety).

I still always remove the necklace for bedtime because I take it off when I bathe my toddler (and you want to avoid the necklace getting wet) so I just put it back on in the morning.

You could also wrap the necklace around a wrist or an ankle while they sleep if that makes you feel more comfortable. That why they will see be receiving the benefits but you don’t have to worry about safety issues.

Do I need to clean the amber teething necklace?

If you need to clean your baby’s amber teething necklace you just simply use a damp rag and water to wipe it down. Let it dry in the sun or with a dry towel.

Avoid getting lotion or other oils on the necklace. So if you are lotioning your baby, remove the necklace prior to doing so.

Do I think baltic amber teething necklaces work?

Yes, I do! I 100% believe in them. Some may call me crazy, but so be it. I don’t mind because I don’t have to deal with a very sad and upset baby when teething comes around.

Know don’t get me wrong, we still had a few tough teething moments, but I know the necklace greatly lessened the severity of it. And some of my baby’s teeth popped right through without hardly any hassle.

I also noticed if I forgot to put the teething necklace on my baby, there was a HUGE difference. He is almost 2 now and he still wears his necklace daily and has quite the mouthful of teeth AND we all survived!

If you haven’t given an amber teething necklace a try, DO IT! It might just be your saving grace. I am all about treating my baby as natural as possible and baltic amber teething necklaces are the perfect option.

Have you tried an amber teething necklace before? I would love to hear your thought on them?


Baltic amber teething necklace
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