Hello world! Come see my world and follow my journey!

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Bit of background

Well, here we go! I guess I will introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me. I’m, Beth and I going to give this blogging thing a try.

I was born and raised in England. Leicestershire to be exact. (If you can pronounce that and know where it is, good on ya! 😉

When I was about 5 we moved from Cumbrian Way in the small town of Shepshed and landed at my favorite childhood memory, Blackbrook Farm House.

This wasn’t just any farmhouse.

It was a 350 year old Victorian farmhouse that held the most memorable moments of my growing up.

Well, now you have a bit of background you can probably guess that I am a farm girl at heart and horses are especially dear to me.

Anyway, we can talk more about some of my adventurous memories as a kid some other time.

Fast forward a few years…

In 2009 we moved to America, and to be honest, I was not thrilled. Actually, I wasn’t happy about it at all.

“You want me to sell my animals and horses to up and leave, not to a different town, but a different country?!”

Umm… yeah, that doesn’t sound like fun.

Ok ok, you must be thinking why are you moving?

Good question. Well, my older brother and sister had gone to the States for schooling, married Americans and that was it. They never returned to the UK.

That sounds a little drastic, didn’t intend for it to come across quite like that but that’s the story.

We would visit them once or twice a year, and we kind of knew that we would end up over and across the pond too but I didn’t think it was going to happen right in the middle of my teenage years…..

I remember my Dad telling me it would end up being the best decision we would ever make.

Well, I hate to admit it but he was right! If it wasn’t for moving I would be missing out for sure. I wouldn’t have met my most amazing husband. Or have my little 15 month old sidekick that always keeps me busy 😉 Not to mention so many other amazing experiences and of course, overcoming hard things.

We don’t grow if things are always easy peasy lemon squeezy, right?!

I wouldn’t change it for the world and I am so glad I am where I am today.

Little introduction

Wow. Well, that was a longer introduction than I anticipated. Hopefully you got the picture.

But in a nutshell. I’m Beth Meier, I’m 25 years old (Woah that’s a quarter of a century, I’m getting up there!)

I have been married to Tanner for 5 and a half years. Thomas joined our family 15 months ago and he is the cutest – good thing because he sure keeps us on our toes.

But you’ve gotta keep life exciting, right?

We love little Thomas to the moon and back and every day is a new adventure.

Oh, and we have a pretty cool canine family member too! He is a standard poodle (I know what you’re thinking, a poodle?! He is so cool though!) His name is Murphy and we love him quite a lot too.

We currently live in Heber City, Utah and have LOVED living here! Although, our house is under contract and we are moving to Cache Valley.

Our goal is to buy land and build our own little dream family farm and we are so excited about this new adventure in our lives.

Well, that about wraps it up. I’m glad you stopped by and I am excited to get to know you more. I am SO excited to start this blog.

Stick around if you want to follow us on our journey and learn more about motherhood, babies, healthy living and more.

I am excited to share and write about things I have learned and different tips and tricks that have helped me with my little guy. See ya next time!

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