How to get your house clean and organized with these 7 simple steps

clean and organized home

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Maintaining a clean and organized home when you have children (and a husband) is no easy task. I would know, trust me! But don’t worry, I have just the solutions for you.

Here are 7 super-duper simple steps, to achieving that sparkling clean home that is organized and decluttered.

If you are a mother, your days probably don’t consist of relaxing, quiet afternoons where you can just sit on the couch with nothing to do.

Well maybe you get some quiet time while your baby naps, but I think it is pretty typical for life to feel like chaos, AND look like it.

To make you feel better, don’t beat yourself up about it. We are all trying our best, right?!

clean and organized home

The good news is, your house doesn’t always need to look like complete chaos and send you crazy with the piles of laundry, toys, and counters covered in random junk.

Implementing simple habits will rid you of the messy headache you get when your house is upside down.

It will take a little commitment, but I promise you, it’s worth it!

Cleanliness, organization, and decluttering will make you feel a million times better

I go through stages of being super crazy clean and obsessed to struggling to keep my house from looking like a war zone. Life has its ups and downs and so does the state of my house, apparently.

It is probably better to find a happy medium. I have been working on some good habits that are helping me keep a consistently clean, organized home that is attainable and simple too.

Here is the thing too, when you establish a clean and organized state of living, you will feel a MILLION times better, and I mean a million.

Clean and organized bedroom

There are actual studies that show living in a clean, organized and decluttered space, will help you focus, be happier and have better motivation. I can totally vouch for that!

Being a working mom at home, I HAVE to have a clean (at least somewhat) space around me to be able to work and write effectively.

When everywhere is a mess and cluttered, my brain feels the same way. I become very unproductive and have poor focus.

For me, I feel like I can definitely be both super tidy and super messy. I always love a clean house but sometimes I find it hard to keep it clean.

Whereas other times I am like a cleaning freak and have impeccably fast and effective cleaning skills.

Those came in strong when I hit the “nesting stage” during the last few weeks of pregnancy. I think my husband wishes that were the case all the time!

Well, ok, maybe not quite that extreme….

Here is one thing for sure, though! I do ALWAYS love the result.

I love the feeling of a clean and organized home. It really does bring peace and calmness.

Before we get into the “HOW” remember to give yourself grace

Every mother is going to be in a different stage along the spectrum of a mess, and that is fine! We all have different personalities and tendencies and some of us are just naturally messier or cleaner.

You don’t have to be like your clean freak of a neighbor if that isn’t realistic for you.

We all have different strengths and cleaning and organization just comes easier for some.

It doesn’t matter if your laundry is the size of Mount Everest, or your bathrooms are covered in 2 month old grime and goo.

Whether your closet is a complete disaster or your kitchen cupboards spit out heaps of Tupperware when you open them.

Give yourself some grace and take one step at a time.

7 Ways to have a clean and organized home

  • Pick one thing at a time
  • Ask yourself these questions…
  • Make sure everything has a home
  • Have this ONE universal rule
  • Do a weekly clean
  • Pick up everything before going to bed
  • Don’t do it all alone

Here are the 7 simple ways to accomplish that clean and organized home that just about anyone can do (even you!).

1. Pick one thing at a time

By all means, if you just want to go all out in a day, two days or a week! GO FOR IT!

But if that seems insanely overwhelming for you, just take things one step at a time.

Give yourself a timeframe and set a goal.

Here is the catch. You need to be accountable for the goal, I promise this is super important, plus super SUPER helpful!

Tell your husband of your cleaning/organization goals so that he is aware and can help support you along the way.

You could even tell a friend or your Mom. Just share your goals with someone because it will make you feel WAY more accountable and you are more likely to hold true to them and actually do it.

Whether your timeframe is a few days, a week or a month. Start with one thing at a time.

The two ways to tackle messes

There are a couple of ways you can go about this.

  1. One project at a time
  2. One room at a time

I find doing one project at a time a little less overwhelming because a room could hold many different areas of messes and seem like a lot all in one go.

Depending on your own circumstances and how much time you have to spend on cleaning and organizing each day, doing a room at a time might be a good option for you if you have extra time and energy to invest in it.

I have done it both ways, and sometimes it just depends on my current life events and how much I have going on.

Clean closet

The key here is not to look at this as “you must completely clean, organize and declutter your house in 48 hours” because in all reality that probably is going to impossible for most mothers.

If you can set some attainable goals over a week or a month, and tackle mess by mess, you will avoid being overwhelmed and burnt out.

Do you feel like you need some direction on cleaning and organizing specific parts of your house? Such as cupboards, closet, your bedroom, the fridge and freezer and anything else you can think of?

Then check out The Organized Home course by Hilary Erickson from Pulling Curls.

She has simple, easy to digest information with step by step instructions and videos on how to effectively and quickly organize your whole entire house. Her course is really affordable and worth every penny.

2. When organizing, ask yourself these questions

My husband sometimes calls me a pack rat because I have a small (very small) problem of not being able to let go of things.

I always think, well what if need it one day? Or it holds some sentimental value I can’t bear to part with.

It is ok to keep things if they hold a special place in your heart, or if it something your need, will use, or is practical.

But when decluttering and organizing, ask yourself these questions and it might help you get rid of some junk you just don’t need and certainly won’t miss it.

  • When was the last time you used this item?
  • Does this item offer good use?
  • Does this item hold sentimental value?
  • Do you have multiple items that are just like this one?
  • Are you holding onto this item “just in case” you need it?
  • Was the item a gift from someone and you would feel guilty if you got rid of it?
  • Would someone else benefit from this item?
  • Is this item just simply taking up space and never being used or serving a purpose?

Ok, you probably get the idea. I know it is hard to declutter and throw things out. And believe me, I am the WORST at this.

I always hold onto things just in case or because I don’t want to make a decision, so I just shove it back into the messy draw I pulled it out of.

As you clean and organize areas in your home pick some of these questions, write them down, print them out, stick them on the wall. Whatever you can do to help you remember them and try to eliminate some clutter.

To simplify this even more, give yourself 4 categories

  1. You use it and need it
  2. The item brings you joy and you like it
  3. You want to keep it for sentimental reasons
  4. You are happy to be without it.

Things you don’t use, need or like can be tossed into the “bye bye” pile. That could be trash, thrift store or you could even sell certain things on Facebook marketplace or at a yardsale.

Purging and getting rid of things does feel nice and can help immensely with clutter issues.

By all means, keeps things if you want to, but if you haven’t used it in 5 years, you feel no joy from it and actually forgot you had it, those are pretty good signs you should be rid of it.

If it makes you feel better, you can even Marie Kondo it. Express gratitude and appreciation for it and then send it on its way – out of your house!

3. Make sure everything has a home

Everything in your house needs its own home. Now that doesn’t mean on your dresser or living in the laundry basket for 3 months (don’t worry, I totally do those things) but it means everything needs its own place where it gets put away.

We all have those piles of things that just don’t seem to have a spot and tend to make their residence on the kitchen counter or thrown in a cupboard.

Try to eliminate random piles of stuff and give everything a place to live, you will drastically reduce the clutter.

If needs be, and I say this with a little bit of caution, if you must, give yourself a SMALL junk draw. If you have to have a place where you can throw some mail, coupons and to-do lists, a small junk draw is okay.

Only IF you can keep it somewhat organized.

I think it is better to have those piles of messes somewhere confined than strewn all over the place.

4. Have this ONE universal family rule

This might be hard to constantly enforce all around the board, but if you can have the support from your husband and teach your kiddos young, it will be something that is just second nature for all of you.

Here it is…..

After you use something, you put it RIGHT BACK!

Simple, easy and pretty common sense, right? But why is this principle SOOOO hard?!

Well, I think because motherhood is just hard and there is always going to be something that seems like a constant battle.

So, you know how I was just saying everything needed a home, this is why! If all items in your house have a place, then it is always going to be easy to put things back.

If you can get into the habit and get your children into the habit as well, it should then start to reap its benefits.

organized nursery

Right now, my toddler LOVES to do puzzles, flashcards and read books.

But he also loves to start a puzzle then make a giant mess, get more puzzles, flashcards, and books out and before I know it the living room looks like a bomb hit it.

I am working on teaching him to put things away after we use them.

And while we can play with multiple things at once, we don’t need every single puzzle out and mingled on the floor.

He is getting better and it starting to understand we finish something, put it away AND then we can get other things out.

Kids will be messy and don’t stress it too much, because they aren’t little for long, but if you can try and teach them simple principles when they are young, those things will hopefully stick with them through adulthood.

5. Try to do a weekly clean

My week usually consists of some sort of a clean. Some weeks deeper than others but I always try to find a day where I can sweep and mop the floors, vacuum, and scrub the bathrooms.

Wiping down counters, dishes and other small house cleaning tasks happen on the daily in our house, but those bigger jobs are about a once a week thing and it really does help to keep the overall house feeling somewhat clean, fresh and put together.

Just like anything, if you can keep on top of things, the mess and disorganization have a harder chance of getting out of control.

Plus, if you can add a small weekly organization task to the mix before you know it your house will not only be sparkling clean but also be organized from top to bottom.

6. Go to bed with things picked up

If I make sure to absolutely do anything, I will always go to bed with the house picked up, (oh and make the bed in the morning). I HATE waking to a house that is already in a mess. It just sets the day off in the worst way.

If you can get into the daily habit of cleaning the kitchen, picking up the toys, and sorting any dirty laundry, you wake up to a cleaner, happier house.

clean kitchen

Going to bed with the house looking like a pigsty will only add more stress to the day ahead of you. You’ll wake up already feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

7. Don’t do it all alone

I know you’re a mother and have “motherly” responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean you have to take every single house cleaning task alone.

See if your husband is willing to share the load a little bit, and don’t forget about your kids. Give them some house chores to accomplish each day or throughout the week.

Even at a young age, you can teach them simple tasks.

We play the “clean up” song on Alexa when it time to tidy up and my toddler loves it. He knows where all of his toys go and my husband built this awesome DIY Toy Cubby that helps keep all the toys accessible but organized.

My toddler also loves going around and cleaning everything with a rag. I think it makes him feel important, and it keeps him occupied which I like!

Don’t feel like you’re in the cleanup battle alone, ask for help and find ways that work for your own family to share the load a little bit.

You are on your way to a cleaner and more organized home

Well, there you have it. 7 simples ways to have a clean and organized house. Take each day at a time and remember it is not some “who has the cleanest home” contest.

Avoid comparing and look at your own journey and successes and you’ll begin to see how far you have come.

Before you know it, you will have some great cleaning and organization habits that will help your life feel and look a little less messy.

How do you keep your home clean and organized? What tips and tricks have you found to be helpful?


Have a clean and organized home
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