How to make an easy Valentine’s Day Wreath

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This glittery, shimmery Valentine’s Day wreath is easy to do and is the perfect thing to hang on your front door or somewhere in your house. It boasts lots of hearts, colors, and lights and will definitely get you ready for Valentine’s Day.

Along with being easy to make, most of the things you will need you can find at the Dollar Store! I mean, come one who doesn’t love easy AND cheap crafts?!

Supplies you will need:


Valentine' Day Glitter Wreath supplies


  • A wreath template- We used a straw one
  • Bath Loofah’s-Get 4-5 in total (Dollar Store)
  • Adhesive Spray
  • Lights (Dollar Store)
  • Glitter hearts (Dollar Store)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glitter
  • Tule for your ribbon (not pictured)


Glitter Wreath supplies


Grab your loofahs, I actually used 4 in totally but I would probably recommend using 5 if you want thicker coverage for your Valentine’s Day wreath. You could really use as many as you would like. I picked a couple of different colors, I chose pink and purple.


DIY Valentines Glitter Wreath with Loofahs


Peel open your loofah and locate the string that is holding the loofah all in place. Grab some scissors and cut the strings off. The loofah will then fall apart into one long piece. Start wrapping the loofah around your wreath. I used sewing pins to secure it in place.


DIY Glitter Wreath Instructions


Keep wrapping until the whole wreath is covered. It will take at least 4 loofahs to cover the wreath. I would suggest using 5 loofahs to give a thicker coverage. As I was wrapping the wreath I tried to make sure the loofah was laying flat and pulled tight.


How to make a Valentine's Day Wreath


If you don’t have lights, you can just skip this step. We happened to find these cute pink lights at the Dollar Store so we thought they would be a perfect thing to add! But if you can’t find cheap Dollar Store lights, don’t worry! It will still be super cute without lights.

We used 3 packs of lights to wrap around the wreath. We were planning on using 4 but one of the sets didn’t work, so we ended up doing just the 3 packs. Simply wrap the lights around the wreath, to secure the battery pack we just used wire or if able we tucked it behind the loofah wrap. You can also use a sewing pin to secure some of the lights in place if needed.


Glitter Wreath with lights


The hearts that we found had either sticks on them or little ties, so I cut all of those off and then began placing them on the wreath in the places I wanted them. I had more pink hearts than red ones, so I laid out all of the pinks first and then added the red ones on top!


Valentines Wreath Craft


Glue all of your hearts in place, just be careful not to get the hot glue on the wires of the lights.


Valentine's Wreath with hearts


For your ribbon you can use any type of fabric, I chose to go with tule as I thought it would look the best with this style of wreath. I chose 4 different colors.


Tule for DIY wreath


Cut two pieces of tule in each color. Group them into 2 groups, each group consisting of each color. With one of the sections of tule, tie a simple bow. Grab the other section and tie another bow on top of the one you just tied. Pull apart each section of the bow so it gets puffed up and that it! You can trim any excess ends if needed.


How to tie a tule bow


Set your bow aside for a minute and take your wreath outside. Spray the wreath all over with adhesive spray. Take your glitter and then dust the whole wreath with the glitter. You will want to do this part outside too, or somewhere where you don’t mind lots of glitter falling off.

Once you have done that, grab some wire and tie your bow to the top of the wreath.


DIY wreath decoration


That is it! Hang this sweet Valentine’s Day wreath on your front door or in your house.


Valentine's Day DIY Glitter Wreath


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Valentines wreath

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