How to use Tailwind Tribes to increase your blog traffic

Tailwind tribes increase blog traffic

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Using Tailwind Tribes can be an awesome way to increase your blog traffic.  Especially if you are new to blogging.  They are easy to use, FREE for Tailwind users, and can help get the sweet content that you have worked so hard to create, exposed to the Pinterest world.  Follow along to see why you should be using Tailwind Tribes!


Tailwind tribes for beginners


Why I use Tribes:

When Beth and I first started our blog we had taken a few courses that showed us how to set everything up to have a successful blog.  And guess what…?

Within 4 months we had created a 6 figure blog that we only had to work on it for 5 hours a week… Yeah, that’s not the way that it went!  Not even close.  There are a lot of people out there that make it sound that way.  And, sometimes I wish it were that easy.

Blogging takes a ton, and I mean a ton of time and effort.  But, it is so worth it.  Check out my post on, “How blogging changed my life for the better.

After taking a few courses we soon realized that we would want to use Pinterest as our main source of getting traffic to our blog.  At least to begin with.  And that is so true.  I’m not going to say that you’ll have immediate and crazy high traffic from Pinterest in the beginning, but I would dare to say, that it is the quickest way to get people to your blog.  Pinterest is NOT something that you want to overlook.

A lot of it has to do with how you get started with Pinterest.  If you have questions about how to start with Pinterest check out this article on, “How to get started with Pinterest marketing for beginners.”  It will definitely get you pointed in the right direction.

We had been using Pinterest for a few months and had seen moderate success.  Sometimes it felt like we had the Pinterest game dialed in and others we sat there scratching our heads.

Why didn’t we do this sooner!

About a month into our blogging journey we had purchased Tailwind to help make scheduling pins a bit easier.  Which it definitely did.  There was one FREE feature that I really didn’t pay that much attention to in the beginning and I’m sad that I didn’t.  And that would be Tailwind Tribes.

Once we started using tribes, page views on our blog started to increase.  It was a Christmas miracle.  Within a month’s time period, we had 3 viral pins that were bringing us thousands of visitors to our blog.  And it all started with someone saving our content on Tailwind Tribes.  I couldn’t believe it.

I kept asking myself, “Why didn’t I start this sooner.”

Tribes are now part of our pinning strategy and help increase our monthly blog traffic.


What are Tailwind Tribes and how do they work:

Tailwind is a Pinterest approved scheduler that helps keep things organized and helps us as content curators to pin on a consistent basis.  Pinning consistently on Pinterest is huge.  Doing this will help you grow on Pinterest.  While Tailwind is great with organizing and making easy the scheduling of pins, it also has a great feature known as Tribes.

Like I mentioned earlier it isn’t something that I used in the beginning, but I wish that I had.

Tribes are similar to group boards in Pinterest but without many of the drawbacks that group boards have.  Back in 2018 Pinterest mentioned that they were downgrading group boards and that it would be better to focus on your own personal boards and content.  With that being said,

Tribes are groups of like-minded people where Pinterest pins can be shared.  The whole idea behind it is to help each other grow our businesses.  I can pin or schedule to pin someone else’s content and they can do the same for me.  However, just because I schedule someone else’s content doesn’t mean that they have to schedule mine.  This is where pin design is so important.

When someone shares your content they are showing their audience your pin.  Their followers and audience will have the opportunity to see, save/pin your pin, or visit your website.  You can see how this can help you and others to grow.  It’s an awesome thing.


How do you get Tribes?

Tailwind tribes are a built-in feature to their platform.  Once you sign up for Tailwind you can access tribes.  The standard version of tribes allows you to be part of 5 different tribes and submit up to 30 pieces of content.  And it’s FREE!  They do have different PowerUps (upgrades) that are available, that give you the chance to join more tribes and submit more content.  You will have to find what is right for you and what fits your needs.

To access your tribes just click on the group of people icon on the left side of your Tailwind dashboard.

Tailwind tribes group of people


Once on the Tribes dashboard, you will see a few tabs that go along the top of the page.  It will most likely have a, “Your Tribes”, “Find a Tribe”, and an “Insights” tab.  See below.


tribes dashboard


Now you know how to get to your Tribes page, feel free to do some exploring.


How do I join Tribes?

Joining tribes is super simple.  All you need to do is click on the “Find a Tribe” tab and in the search bar, search for the particular niche that you are looking for.


Find a tribe in tailwind


There are many tribes that you can join just with the click of a button.  And, there are others that are private and that you can request to join.


Which tribes should I join?

Tribes are generally separated into different niches.  There are thousands of different tribes out there.  Some tribes are better than others.  As previously mentioned there are tribes that anyone can join and there are others that you have to request to join or private groups.

I personally have found more success (saves and click-throughs to my website) from tribes that are private.  There are many different things though to consider before joining a tribe, and they would be:


The number of members:

Just because there are more members of a particular tribe does not mean that it is better.  With many of the larger Tribes, your content that you submit can tend to get passed by and overlooked.  Tribes with few members are sometimes more likely to share your content which can be a good thing.  With that being said I typically like to join groups with anywhere from 50-300ish members, as that is where I find the most success.  Feel free to try different things out though.  Maybe in your niche large Tribes with closer to 1000 members will be better.  Just experiment.


The activity of members:

This is one of the first things that I look at before joining a tribe.  To me, this is more important than the number of members.  I like to join tribes that have a very high activity level.  I ONLY join tribes whose activity bars are 4 or 5.  Anything 3 and under I completely avoid.  I don’t want to share something and not have it reshared because no one gets on and is active on the tribe.


Who are the members:

A good strategy that I have found to work is finding tribes with larger and well-known bloggers in my niche.  It is awesome to have a much larger blogger post one of your pins.  This can really help to increase your blog traffic.  Another thing to consider is this, I know there are certain people on tribes that tend to post quite a bit of my content.  Due to some of these people I have had many viral pins.  I like trying to find other tribes that they are members of.  Because we are in the same niches, they typically are members of other tribes you may want to join.



This is one of the most important aspects of finding a good tribe to join.  Content is King… or Queen.  Whichever you prefer.  To find out if a tribe is worth your time you can click into any tribe that you want to join and preview it.  You can see the pins that are being put there and even check out the actual posts.  If they have what you feel is good content, they could be a potentially good fit for you.


Tribe rules:

Something else to consider is, what are the tribe rules?  Every tribe will have specific rules that you will need to follow if you become part of the tribe.  Most rules are pretty simple and easy to follow.  A lot of tribes require that for every pin that you submit that you reciprocate and re-share someone else’s content.  And to be honest this is only fair. Just as you want others to reshare your content, they want the same from you.  There may be other rules for specific tribes.  Just make sure that you check them out before joining.  The tribe owners can kick anyone off for not obeying the tribe rules.


How do I pin to Tribes:

Pinning your content to tribes is super easy.  I like to go directly to Pinterest to do this.  I click on my profile and then on the “Pins” tab.  Then I will find MY pins that I want to share.  Next, I will hover over the pin until the Tailwind icon appears and click it.


how to pin to tribes


Note: that you need to have the Tailwind extension installed on your browser.  If you need some help getting that set up you can check it out here.

Clicking on the icon will bring up a new window that will display the pin that you want to save.  Then, simply click on the “Add to Tribes” button.  This will bring up your list of Tribes.  All you have to do is select the tribes that you want to share the pin to.  That’s it.  You’ve done it!  It is important to remember that even if you are sharing ONE pin with five different Tribes that it will use FIVE of your submissions for the month.


How to pin to Tailwind Tribes


You can see how 30 submissions will get eaten up pretty quick.  For this reason, I bought a PowerUp that gives me additional tribes that I can be a part of and submissions that I can share every month.  This is not necessary but can definitely speed up the growth process.


Are Tribes Working for Me?

So, you’ve started with Tribes and have been using them for about a month.  You may be asking yourself, “Are Tailwind Tribes even working for me?” There are a few ways to see if Tribes are helping you grow.


The first is just to see if your traffic has grown on Google Analytics.



If you don’t see any noticeable difference you can check out the “Insights” tab on the Tailwind Tribes dashboard.


Tribes analytics


There you can see your results.  You can see how many pins you’ve submitted and if they are getting reshared.

If you scroll down the page you will see “your best pins” for the week and who is resharing them.  Don’t be afraid to say thank you from time to time.  I’m sure that those who receive a thank you will be very grateful for it.


Tailwind tribe analytics



Another place that you can go to see if your tribes are working is to go directly to your Pinterest profile.  Then go to the “Community” tab.  Here you will be able to see all of your pins that other people are saving.

Here you can see the number of impressions, saves, and link clicks that I got on this “My secret to how my baby never got sick”, pin.


How to grow your traffic with tribes


When I click onto the pin I can see who originally shared my pin and who started this viral pin for me.  I am able to track her back to tailwind tribes.


Checking analytics in pinterest for tailwind


You can see how you can quickly grow when you start to see some traction with your tribes.

If you are not happy with the success that you are having with tribes you can always start your own tribe and invite fellow bloggers to join your tribe and contribute their content.  You can make your own rules and run your tribe the way you want.


Are Tailwind Tribes Right for you?

This is a question that you will have to figure out for yourself.  I know that for me and my blogging journey they definitely are.  If you are new to blogging I highly recommend that you use tribes to grow your blog traffic.  You have NOTHING to lose.  Who knows, it could lead you to first viral pin ever.

Hopefully, this post has been informative and helpful in showing you how you can use Tailwind Tribes to grow your blog traffic.


Do you use Tribes?  Have you found them to be effective?  What questions do you have about Tailwind Tribes?  Write in the comments below!  I’d love to hear.


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How to use Tailwind tribes


Tailwind tribes blog traffic
How to use tailwind tribes
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