How we made our dream become a reality

Make your dreams a reality

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It’s important to dream and dream big. If we don’t dream and act on it, we’ll never achieve what we want in life. Keep reading to see how we made our dream become a reality.

My childhood

I am pretty sure I was born with a love for animals. They have always been a big part of my life. From the age of 5, we moved to a 350 year old Victorian farmhouse. It may not seem like a 5 year old’s dream home but it was mine for sure.

make dreams come true

This house gave me the best childhood I could have asked for. And from a little girl, I knew that I always wanted that lifestyle.

The memories that I gained from Black Brook Farm House are dear to my heart and are something I will always remember. The lessons I learned and the work ethics I obtained are something I am forever grateful for.

As a kid, I was always busy. I was always outside with the animals.

If I wasn’t riding, I probably was teaching my goats to jump or reading stories to my rabbits. There was always something to do and always an animal to share my thoughts with.

Come rain or shine, I was outside at the crack of dawn mucking stalls and feeding.

Even though it was hard work I was able to learn the responsibilities of caring for animals. All of these things have been able to serve me throughout my life.

The desire to raise my children with the lifestyle I experienced

As I began to get older and reach my teenage and young adult years, I knew that this was the lifestyle I wanted to offer to my own children.

I wanted them to experience the things that I did.

I wanted them to learn how to work hard, to enjoy the outdoors and to be busy enough that they wouldn’t get into trouble.

Before I got married, I knew I needed to find someone that had those similar lifestyle desires.

I was sure that I needed to marry a cowboy.

In my mind, a cowboy would be able to provide that same lifestyle I was looking for.

It turns out I didn’t marry a real cowboy, but he is the perfect cowboy I needed.

On our first date, he invited me to a rodeo, which I thought was a great first impression, but I quickly noticed his severe allergies to horses and thought straight away, “this is not going to work.”

Turns out, it did! It worked out perfectly!

Despite those allergies, my husband has the exact same wants and dreams as I do. Plus, his allergies aren’t as quite bad as they used to be.

As newlyweds, we would often discuss our hopes and dreams, our wants and wishes. It is exciting to dream ahead and have something to look forward to.

However, I knew we wouldn’t get our farm on 10 acres the day we got married. That is just isn’t reality.

But the thing we did do, is we made a commitment.

How making a commitment can make our dreams become a reality

Here is the thing, we can dream our dreams but if we only dream them without any action they probably won’t happen. That is just a fact of life.

Of course, at certain points in our lives, our dreams may not be a reality at that moment in time but if we don’t take action and make a commitment to those dreams, they will just stay dreams.

When we were first married, we were poor newlyweds like every other newly married couple out there. So, buying a farm with land and horses was definitely not an option.

Still nourish your dreams and hobbies

Even though we weren’t living our dream lifestyle at that time we were able to still experience things in our life that kept our goals in check.

Don’t forget your dreams and hobbies. Make them part of your life.

For me, I was able to still ride horses during those years and be reminded of how much they mean to me. This helped me remember my end goal of having a farm and owning horses again.

Whatever your dream may be, whether it is being a professional cook, an author, or maybe just to travel the world, if you don’t feed those desires they will slowly fade away over time.

Write your dreams down

Writing things down can be more powerful than you may think. When we write things down on paper it allows our thoughts to be more real. It is like making a commitment instead of just wishing for something in your head.

Over the 5 and a half years we have been married we have written down many goals and desires that we have.

Both personal and as a couple. Even though they may change and evolve over time, and timelines may shift, they still stem from our original goals.

Writing things down also helps us feel accountable to ourselves which in turn makes us be more likely to achieve our goals and dreams.

Have short term goals

Short term goals can really help motivate you along the way. It is ok to have big dreams but they may take some time to reach. Setting short term goals along the way will help you get closer and closer to your end goal.

Remember great things always take time, that is just the way life is.

Think of a flower. They don’t start out as a beautiful flower; they start out as a tiny seed and need nourishment and care to grow to their full potential.

Setting yourself attainable targets is a great way to show commitment.

Plus, if you’re anything like myself, I love checking something off that I have done. It makes me feel so good!

Goals along the way no matter how small, in the right direction, will eventually add up and lead you to reach your ultimate dream.

Take action

This one is probably the most important. It seems so simple but if action is never taken, nothing will ever happen.

We just sold our house in Heber City, Utah because we want to buy some land and build our little dream farmhouse. That is our end goal, but there have been many other small actions we have taken along the way to get us closer to it.

One of the main ones being was selling our house! We literally just moved to Cache Valley, Utah less than a month ago.

One of the main reasons for relocating is simply because buying land in Cache Valley area is a lot more realistic than buying in Heber.

Deciding to make this big jump was scary, because let’s be honest, who likes change?

Change is hard!

And change is scary!

 But without any change, we will never progress forward.

As much as we loved Heber for the 4 years we lived there, we knew change needed to happen and moving was the next piece to our puzzle.

Once again, we didn’t move to have our dream right away. Our dream is still a few years down the road, but that is ok.

Buying land and building will be a process and will take time.

But we are taking action NOW, to get one step closer

Now here is the cool thing, we obviously have to live somewhere in the meantime, so in our search for a rental, we came across the perfect one for us. It honestly was timed so perfectly; we knew it was meant to be.

We are renting a cute old house that has plenty of charm and love. It sits on an acre of land and is surrounded by trees and fields.

We aren’t quite there yet and It isn’t our dream house, but it is definitely our dream rental that will be perfect for now. It is providing us with snippets of the lifestyle we are getting ready to live.

Even better, we can have chickens here! I know chickens don’t sound like a lot, but it’s a start.

Well, that’s where we are in our journey so far. It may not seem like we have made big progress, but these small and simple ways have helped us to keep our dream in our sights.

Even though we don’t have our farmhouse built yet on the 10 or so acres we want, we are still living our dream by making little steps along the way. If we don’t just go for it, our dreams will never come true.

Anything is possible if you just put your mind to it.

What are your dreams? How are you making them become a reality?

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