My secret to how my baby never got sick in his first year of life

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As mothers, I’m pretty sure we never like seeing our little ones get sick, or anyone for that matter. Because let’s be honest…Mum’s don’t take sick days and if the sickness gets passed around and reaches Dad, there is no hope! The best solution is to keep our bodies healthy and strong so we can avoid unwanted sicknesses.  Keep reading to see how I avoided a sick baby.

My baby went a whole year without getting sick

My baby went a whole entire year without any sicknesses. 13 months to be exact!

No runny noses, no nasty coughs, no trips to the doctor, nothing!

At around 13 months he got roseola and ran a fever, but with plenty of rest, he was back to normal in a few days. I know that this wasn’t just a coincidence and that I wasn’t just one of those lucky Mum’s who happens to have a really healthy baby.

I know with full confidence it is because I made conscious choices in keeping my baby’s body strong.

4 things that helped my baby stay healthy

Here is my secret on how I did it. The good news is that is really is pretty simple. Just some consistent daily habits and good choices and you will be well on your way. Plus, the benefit is 100% worth it.

First, you need to understand why it can be easy for your baby to get sick. Or maybe why it seems like so many kids are always sick these days.

Well when babies are born, their immune system isn’t developed like the average adults yet. They have immature immune systems. This is normal.


that means that we need to help it develop into a strong fighting immune system and not a weak one. The food we put into our bodies, our hygiene, vitamins and supplements, and adequate sleep all play a huge roll in a healthy body.

The same goes for babies.

keep your baby healthy

1. Good food

This one seems like a no brainer but for some reason is often overlooked. I know once I had my baby, I wanted to do everything I possibly could to keep his diet as healthy as possible.

Breastmilk is honestly the best food your baby can have. It is so good for their growing bodies. So, if you’re nursing, keep it up.

Aside from breastmilk, it is important to make sure the solid foods you are offering are full of nutrients and easy to digest for your baby.

For more information on that, you can check this article out 7 best first baby foods. 

Adequate nutrition is essential during infancy and early childhood for proper growth and development.

I did my best to implement lots of fruits and vegetables into my baby’s diet.

Other foods that played a huge part in his diet were; eggs, whole milk yogurt, spinach (in smoothies), bananas, green beans, cultured cottage cheese, and organic meats are just to name a few.

I tried my best to buy organic fruits and vegetables, along with meats and eggs. The more we can stay away from processed or genetically modified food, the better.

I also kept my baby away from processed sugar and processed foods and I know this has helped contribute to his health.

I’m not saying he is never going to eat sugar in his life, but my mindset is why give it to him now?

The first year or two of his life is a crucial time in molding his eating habits. If I fill his diet with sugary things, even though it might make him happy, in the long run they will do more harm than good.

I wanted him to develop good habits and enjoy eating healthy foods.

I still would make yummy treats like banana bread or muffins, but I would choose good sugars to use (coconut sugar or organic sugar).

2. Probiotic

I started giving my baby a probiotic around 3 months of age. Probiotics offer lots of benefits, one of them being a strong immune system.

Why probiotics are good for babies

Here is a little overview of why probiotics are so good for our babies.

Our bodies are full of bacteria and a probiotic is a living microorganism that helps boost the amount of healthy good bacteria in our bodies.

This not only provides a healthy immune system but also improves gut health and skin issues. My baby was able to experience all of these benefits and still does.

The best probiotics for babies

It is important to choose a good probiotic. Listed below are a few good choices:

Garden of life raw probiotics kids

Garden of Life Probiotic for Kids

Country life baby care probiotic

Country Life baby Care Probiotic

Jarro dophilus baby probiotic

Baby Jarro Dophilus Probiotic

3. On guard

Now this one is probably the holy grail of all things.

This is seriously one of the best defenses against getting sick.

I experienced it myself while being pregnant and once my baby was born I started implementing it into his daily routine.

On guard is also known as the protective blend and I know why! Because it does just that.

It contains a blend of 5 essential oils creating the super oil blend that will keep your little one away from sickness.

doterra On Guard

On guard can be used as a daily oil to prevent or can be used at the first sign of sickness to quickly kick it out the door. I like to just implement it into my baby’s daily routine.

How to apply:

A little goes a long way.

I prefer the On Guard rollerball as it is already diluted down and it is super easy to apply.

Apply to the bottom of the feet and rub in. With a younger baby, I would just apply to one foot and do a very small amount.

As your baby gets older you can increase the amount a little bit and once my baby was about 6 months I applied it to both of his feet.

It is important to watch for any skin irritations that may occur. I never had any issues but it is a good idea to watch for any reactions after the first couple of times using it.

4. Adequate sleep

Sleep is crucial. End of story.

Babies need significantly more sleep than adults do, this is because they are growing and developing at such a rapid rate that they need plenty of sleep to support their bodies.

During the time our bodies are sleeping, they are supporting healthy brain function and maintaining our physical body’s health. This is why when we do get sick, we need even more sleep. The same goes for babies.

Getting your baby on a good consistent schedule with healthy sleeping habits is so important. Especially because when your baby sleeps well, so does Mum. And who wouldn’t want that?!

Right from birth, I started implementing a schedule with my baby.

Obviously, a newborn’s schedule is going to be very different from a 9 month old baby.

But as long as there is some sort of a schedule, you’re heading in the right direction. A good schedule allows for good napping habits and a restful sleep at night.

Of course, this process is not easy, by any means. But your hard work will pay off, and in turn, your baby is going to be happy and healthy receiving the adequate amount of sleep in a day.

These are my few secrets to keeping your baby from getting sick. I know they work and have definitely helped support my baby’s immune system.

How do you keep your baby from getting sick? Do you have any other tips? I would love to hear them.

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