New year’s resolution ideas for busy moms

2020 New Year's resolutions

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I am all about clean slates, New Years and a drive to set goals and be better. I love having something like a new year or even a new week to help me feel motivated and dedicated to being better and set some goals or resolutions. I mean in all reality we can start every day with a clean slate but there is something about heading into a new year that makes it feel way more impactful, to me at least. As a busy stay at home Mum, I have come up with a list of New Year’s resolution ideas.

new years resolutions for moms

Be realistic

Now, remember you don’t need to pick every single item on this list. Keep things realistic! Pick a few or a couple that you like. Maybe there is just one that resonates with you, so just pick one. Don’t overload your plate with unrealistic standards and ideas. This will only make you feel disappointed when you don’t achieve them all. Keep things simple and attainable.

15 New Year’s Resolutions for moms

1. Stop comparing

Comparing yourself to others is just not worth your time. All that time you spend comparing yourself to someone else, you are losing sight of your own successes and personal journey. Comparison will steal your precious time away. It is just not worth it.

Remember, everyone has their own struggles and problems, you are probably just seeing the good side of things. Social media is especially notorious for only giving people the “perfect picture”. Don’t compare your worst to someone else’s best.

2. Surround yourself with things that are positive

A new year is a great time to eliminate anything negative in your life. Whether it is a person, a job, attitude or feelings, just eliminate anything that is bringing negativity into your life in whatever way it may be.

Freeing yourself of any negative influences will give you new freedom. As a busy mom, you don’t have any extra time or space for negative things. Plus, negativity in any form will only rub off on other members of your family.

3. Accept imperfection

As a busy mother, I often find myself getting caught up in needing things to always be perfect or go perfectly. Sometimes that just isn’t going to happen. Instead of stressing over it, try to accept that everything doesn’t always have to be perfect!

Like me you still may be a perfectionist, just pick a couple of areas and lower your standards a little and allow some imperfection to creep in. Believe it or not, it will actually provide you some relief.

Maybe it is accepting the fact that a trip to the store with your energetic toddler is going to be a handful, or your new recipe wasn’t as yummy as you thought. Give yourself some slack and just accept imperfection as a healthy thing.

4. Learn to say “No”

Now this one can be tricky, but it really is essential. Learning to say no can be one of the best things for you. As mothers, our schedules are filled with running kids from A to B, piles of laundry, grocery lists, and to-dos.

Motherhood is constant and sometimes we just don’t have any room for anything else. Saying no to someone or something is completely fine to do. It does not mean you are a bad person, or you don’t want to help, it just means you are taking care of yourself.

I am not saying don’t ever help others, just practice saying “no” when your plate is really full. You’ll still be around to help another time.

5. Set weekly goals and tasks

Just as I said earlier, I love to create goals when there is a reason to. New Year’s obviously always seems to be the perfect time.

Having said that, a new week can always bring a fresh start and is a great time to set some weekly goals and tasks. This will help your week run smoother and allow you to have expectations for the things that need to be done.

6. Write things down

Mothers are pretty amazing but there is only so much our busy brains can hold. Writing things down can help us remember and avoid the headache of forgetting things.

Writing things down right when we think of it is the best practice. It seems silly and simple but it really will help you feel more organized and not so much scatterbrained with a million things running through your head.

7. Do things right away

This is one of those things I remember always being taught as a child and even though it seems so obvious, I sometimes find myself falling into the trap of not abiding by this rule.

When we do things right away, we actually save time in the long run. Believe me, it is not always feasible BUT if you try implementing this when you can I bet you will start to see a big difference.

Maybe it is folding laundry right away, so clean laundry doesn’t start piling up, or loading the dishwasher every time you use a dish so you sink isn’t stacked a mile high by the end of the day.

Or it could even be something so small as replying to a text. Sometimes if I don’t respond to a message when I read it, I will often forget.

Doing things right away will help you feel more accomplished because then at least you have been able to get something done that day and you aren’t overwhelmed by the evening.

8. Make meal plans

This is one that I am going to be religious with! When I make meal plans it makes the week is so much easier! Plus, it is way more cost-effective.

I feel like around the holidays all of my meal planning gets thrown out the window. Between Christmas and New Year’s, we usually are bouncing between families so I find it hard to plan a week of meals because we aren’t always home, or we have people over.

Meal planning 2020

Now the new year is here, it is a great opportunity to recommit to good meal planning and grocery shopping. Planning for a week saves the small, tedious trips to the grocery store to get food every couple of days.

I know this really helps my busy schedule; I just have to make the effort to make it actually happen!

9. Get up before your kids

I actually started implementing this back in the fall time and let me tell you, it was AMAZING! Although, having said that I definitely slacked off this past month…. But it was the holidays so I’ll give myself a break 😉

Getting up before your kids instantly makes your day feel SO much more productive. Check out this post “7 ways to feel productive as a stay at home mom” for more ideas on productivity.

My toddler usually sleeps in until 7:30-8:00 am (sometimes even later!) So, when I get up before he even wakes that gives me time to get ready, and get a few things done. I

f you can get up before your littles it will really help you feel more productive and allow you some extra time to yourself in the morning.

10. Practice patience and react positively

This one is a tough one. Patience for me is a constant uphill battle. I see some mothers with the patience of a saint, and that’s not me!

I definitely have a long way to go but I am going to use this new year to make the conscious effort to practice better patience and react in a way that is positive.

I know how it is, kids can be draining and sometimes when they spill that cup of juice or make a mess of the pots and pans you just put away it is so easy to react in frustration and be bugged.

This will only create a negative atmosphere and unhelpful feelings. Instead, stop, take a deep breath and try reacting differently and showing more patience. When we create negative feelings it then sets the tone for the rest of the day, which isn’t helpful for anyone.

11. Start a journal

You are probably thinking “there is no way I have time for a journal” but hear me out! Recording your thoughts and impressions from your day can actually be really helpful.

It can help you see the good that has happened or give you something to reflect on. I go through stages of being an amazing journal writer to then not opening my journal for months.

Looking back there are times I wished I was better at recording my thoughts, but instead they are only memories. Writing and recording gives you something to go back and read about.

Keeping a journal in 2020

12. Be more present

Busy schedules can often take over and before we know it we are just surviving each day, and not even living in the moment. Being alive isn’t supposed to be that way. We must find joy in the journey otherwise life is going to be pretty miserable.

Try to get rid of distractions when you are with your children. Show your little ones that you care, and they are important, not your phone screen.

Evaluate your life and seek out those things that might be stealing you away from your family. Reduce those things and experience your own life enjoying the moment and being present.

13. Remember to date your husband

Even when you are married you still need to date your husband. I know between all the busy schedules it sometimes just seems impossible to add a date to your week, but you need to!

Nurturing your relationship with your spouse will help you both to continue to grow closer together and also see each other’s needs.

When you are aware of what the other needs you will be better able to help one another. Dates don’t always have to be planned or big and exciting.

Even if it just planning a night to watch a movie and eat ice-cream, make time for each other. I mean, you fell madly in love in the first place, so don’t let your feelings die off just because you are too busy.

14. Make time for YOU

Once again, you are probably thinking “I’m too busy…” We all are busy but if you don’t allow time for YOU in your schedule you will quickly feel burnt-out and resentful.

You need to set time aside to do something for you. Making a New Year’s resolution for yourself isn’t selfish, it is the best thing you can do. Allowing you to get a break and do something just for you, will only make you happier and a better mother and wife.

15. Ask for help help

Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help. Asking for help doesn’t make you any less great than you already are. Sometimes our egos get the better of us and we avoid asking for help because we think we can do it all, but in reality, we just sometimes can’t.

If you are overwhelmed, please ask for help. Whether it is your husband, mother, or friend, reach out to someone and see if they can lend a hand.

Well, there it is! I hope these New Year’s resolution ideas help your busy mom life out. Pick one, two or a few to work on as you enter this new year and hopefully they can help enhance your life and maybe stretch your time a little.

What are some New Year’s resolutions you already have? How do you deal with being a busy mom and setting goals?

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New years resolution ideas for busy moms
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