Parking garage toddler learning activity

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Toddlers are busy, fun and tiring all at the same time. Toddlers also are continually learning and growing, developing new skills, and broadening their knowledge each day. Learning can be fun, and really needs to be for those little ones. Here is the perfect at-home DIY toddler learning activity. (For a fun outside activity check out these DIY pinecone birdfeeders)

Parking garage toddler learning activity

My toddler LOVES cars. Well, to be honest, he loves just about any type of vehicle with wheels, loud sounds and the intention for speed.

Cars, tractors, monster trucks and the list goes on. Because of his obsession, he has acquired quite the selection of little cars. Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and everything in between fill up his toy cubby.

He is also learning his alphabet and loves to practice with flashcards and puzzles, but I thought it would be fun to change it up a little and involve his cars with some alphabet learning.

My sister in law told me about this fun activity and said her little boy loved it when he was toddler age, so I thought I would get a little creative and try it out. It was a winner, that is for sure!

Check out this super easy, quick DIY toddler activity that will keep your toddler busy for days.

This toddler learning activity is great for practicing fine motor skills along with matching and learning the alphabet all at the same time!

Supplies you will need

  • Posterboard
  • Cars
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Markers
  • Large ruler
  • Stickers (optional)
Toddler activity supplies

I had all of these things on hand anyway, so I didn’t even have to go to the store and buy anything! Double win for me!

You could really use this parking garage concept for just about anything.

Learning to spell their name, practicing colors, or numbers. You could even do shapes or words if they are a little older.

I chose to do the alphabet since that is something we are currently practicing and learning.

Daddy chimed in and helped with this fun little activity too!

We cut the poster board in half so it was so big, and then we measured out 26 parking stalls. We put 9 stalls on either side, 1 at the top and 7 diagonally down the middle.

The parking spots along the sides were 2 inches wide and we made the ones down the middle 1.5 inches wide.

DIY toddler activity

Once measured, then draw in each parking stall. Depending on how big your poster board is, you might be able to fit them on differently or make them bigger or smaller.

DIY toddler activity

Continue drawing in each parking spot until you have the number you need. Obviously, if you decide to do colors or numbers you might not need as many spots.

DIY toddler activity

Fill in each parking spot with every letter of the alphabet. I decided to make it colorful and do each letter in different colors.

My toddler knows his colors now so I thought he would enjoy saying the different colors along with the letters.

DIY toddler learning activity

Once you have added every letter into your parking garage, grab some paper and write the alphabet on there too.

Be sure to keep the letter the same color as on posterboard so it is easier for your toddler to match them up.

DIY toddler learning activity

Cut them out and then tape each letter onto a car. Repeat until all 26 cars have letters on them.

DIY toddler activity

And that is it! Easy, quick and a great fun way for your toddler to learn!

I decided to add a few stickers to make it a little more exciting. You can personalize it however you would like.

Toddler parking garage

My toddler is already loving this activity and got right into matching the cars up with their correct parking spots.

Toddler playing with activity

What are some of your favorite learning activities you have done with your toddler?


toddler learning activity
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