Simple Valentine’s Day Pom Pom Banner

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I love pom poms, they are just so cute, feminine, and make the perfect banner. This simple Valentine’s Day Pom Pom banner is quick, easy and can be personalized by the colors you choose. Keep reading for step by step instructions on how to make it.

Supplies you will need:

For some reason, I failed to get an actual picture of all of the supplies! Don’t know how I missed that?! Here is what you need;

  • Yarn – I chose 4 different colors.
  • Pom Pom maker
  • Scissors
  • Large needle

Decide how many colors you want for your pom pom maker. I chose to do 4 colors and alternate them. The possibilities are really endless here, you could choose more or fewer colors and pick any alternating pattern that you would like.


Valentine's Day Pom Pom Banner


I found this pom pom maker at a craft store, but you can also grab them on Amazon. This one is perfect as it comes with 4 different sizes so you can choose what size you want or do a combination.

Pom pom makers are genius, I don’t know why I had never used one until now! They make making poms SOOO easy. If you have never used one before, they do take a little practice but after doing a couple pom pom’s you will get mighty fast at it! I found the instructions on the packet not super helpful so I watched a video and picked it up really quickly.


Pom Pom maker


Open up your pom pom maker and grab your yarn. I left my yarn attached to the rest of the yarn ball because I didn’t know how much I would need. You will cut it off once you have finished wrapping it around the pom pom maker.

If you are like me you can refer to this video if you find it easier to visually learn but you just start wrapping your yarn on one end of the pom pom maker. Be sure to only wrap over the half-circle section. You want to do your best to wrap as evenly as possible. I actually figured out how many wraps it needed and then replicated that on both sides and on the rest of the pom poms so they all stayed the same size.

Once you have wrapped one side, pull your yarn through to the other side and do the same. When you are done it should look like the bottom right picture shown below.

Pom Pom Banner instructions


Once you are done, simply cut the yarn off. Then cut each side of the pom pom maker. This part is my favorite to do!


how to make pom poms


Cut some more yarn and tie it around the pom pom maker. There is a slot where the yarn will just fit perfectly into. Tie and knot and pull it tight. I tied a double knot to make sure it stayed extra secure. Once you have tied your knots to secure your pom pom, pull the pom pom maker apart and that’s it!


Valentine's Day Pom Poms


You can use your scissors to trim off any long pieces on your pom pom. Also, trim off the two long strands of yarn that are from tieing the knots in the previous step. Repeat until you have made as many pom poms as you need/want for your banner.

Once all of your pom poms are complete, I did 16 in total. grab another piece of yarn. This yarn will be what your pom poms hang on, I chose to do white. Thread the yarn through a large needle and then poke the needle through the middle of your pom pom ball and pull it all the way through. Do this until all of the pom poms are connected.


Valentines Pom Pom Banner


That is it! Cut your yarn to length depending on where you hang it and then evenly space out your pom poms. Simple, easy and cute way to decorate for Valentine’s Day!

DIY pom pom banner


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Valentines day banner

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