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Have you ever asked yourself the above question?  Chances are that you most likely have and that is why you are here.  Starting a blog can be a very rewarding pursuit but doesn’t come easy and it doesn’t come without frustration along the way.

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Is starting a blog is right for you?

I found myself very overwhelmed in the beginning stages.

If you are thinking about starting a blog or have recently started in your blogging career, you may feel the same way.

Even with the overwhelming amount of things to get done and frustrations that I faced with trying to get my website to look just the way I wanted it to, it was totally worth it.  You can check out my, “how blogging changed my life for the better” post to see some of the things that blogging has done for me.

Back to what really matters, how to start a blog.

One tool that I found to be invaluable was the Create and Go course, “Launch Your Blog Biz.”  This in-depth review will help you determine whether or not this course could be a good fit for you.

Who are the faces behind Create and Go

I had read a few articles and watched a few YouTube videos about blogging.  While very inspiring as to what kind of lifestyle you could live, they are very vague and don’t really tell you how to get from point A (in a van down by the river) to point B (drinking Piña Coladas on the beach).

That is where Create and Go are different.

Create and Go was started by Alex and Lauren.  They were completely normal average joes.  Alex was a personal trainer and Lauren was a CPA. 

They decided to quit their jobs, sell everything that they had, move back in with parents, and start a blog.

Alex and Lauren Create and Go

That sounds like a promising future right?  Not really!  You can imagine the flack they got for it from friends and family.

The first blog that they set up, “Health and Happy Hour” completely failed!  It got them nowhere.

They didn’t give up however.  Right after that failure they tried again with another blog called Avocadu.  This time around they knew a few more things and started off on the right foot.  This blog quickly grew and they made over $100,000 in their first year!  The blog continued to grow and they now make 20K-50K per month with that blog.

With the knowledge and understanding that they gained from their successful blog Avocadu they started another blog, Create and Go. Create and Go was created to help people in starting a blog and to make money with it.

Between their two blogs they make a 7 figure income!  That is insane.

The best part is that they tell you how they did it, step by step.

Create and Go Courses

At Create and Go they offer several courses. You may be asking yourself, “well yeah, but which course should I take?”  Check out this guide that they have made.  It is super helpful.

I will give you my take and what I chose to do.  You can make your own decisions and need to do what is right for you.

Remember this article is mainly a review for the, “Launch Your Blog Biz.”  You can skip ahead if you want to get straight into the review.

I was a complete newbie to the whole blogging world and knew nothing about it.

Heck, I never thought that bloggers made any money!  I thought that they just “blogged” about their lives.

Boy was I wrong.  There is a ton of money in starting a blog.  You just need to know how to start off right.  And that is where Create and Go’s courses shine.

I wanted to get from the start (knowing nothing) to making a full-time income.  The Pro Blogger Bundle teaches you all that you need to do to make that happen. 

The bundle includes 3 courses, Launch Your Blog Biz, which is designed to get you from nothing to making your first $1000. 

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, which shows you how to use Pinterest to grow your blog traffic. 

Last but not least there is Six-Figure Blogger.  This course is to help those that already have traffic but just need to learn how to monetize it.

create and go pro blogger bundle

When I started, I wanted a full puzzle of how to be successful.  Not just a piece or a couple pieces.  I wanted to know how get from point A to point B the fastest way possible without cutting any corners. 

The Pro Blogger Bundle definitely got me pointed in the right direction and help paint a full picture of what I needed to do.

Once I purchased the Pro Blogger Bundle I got right into the first course of the bundle, Launch Your Blog Biz.

Launch Your Blog Biz Course Review

The Launch Your Blog Biz is set up through teachable and is very easy to navigate.  There are tons of in depth videos if you are a visual learner and a bunch of reading portions as well.

Launch Your Blog Biz course review

I loved how the broke everything down into simple steps.  Starting a blog can be very overwhelming especially once you realize how many things there are that you have to do.  Alex and Lauren do a really good job of explaining in detail and guiding you through the step by step process to creating your very own blog.

The course consists of the following sections:

  • Getting started: Hosting, WordPress, and Initial Setup
  • Blog Themes and Design: In-depth design using DIVI theme by Elegant themes
  • Blog Content Strategy: How to Create Amazing Content People Love and Share
  • Email Marketing Basics
  • Setting Up Your Email Campaign and Strategy
  • Ads and Sponsored Posts
  • Basics of Affiliate Marketing
  • Creating Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy
  • Finding and Selling Affiliate Products
  • Blog Traffic Basics
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Google
  • Facebook Groups
  • Skills Hacks and Blogging Resources

As you can see there is a ton of information in this course.  And those were just the topics that they cover.  They go into much more depth on each individual topic.  Launch Your Blog Biz is designed to get you from the initial setup and design of your blog to making your first $1000.

Starting a blog requires motivation

Without this course I could not have started my blog!  It provided me with the strong foundation that I needed to get off on the right foot.

Along with teaching you the whole way through they are excellent at motivating you to keep on going even when it gets tough!  And trust me it most likely will.

Starting a blog is not an easy thing to do.  It takes tons of hard work, dedication, and consistency.  Becoming a successful blogger does not happen overnight, as some may lead you to believe.  To build a profitable blog will take months up to a couple years.

Never give up and remember to always keep pushing yourself a little bit further than you ever have before.

Who is the course for?

Launch Your Blog Biz is really for those that:

  • Have not started a blog or have just recently done so.
  • Those that need help with the design phase.
  • Or lastly, those that need to start driving traffic to your newly created blog.

Alex and Lauren have designed this course as I mentioned earlier to help you from the beginning stages of creating your blog to making your first $1000

Who is the course not for?

The Launch Your Blog Biz is NOT for:

  • Those that already have a blog with consistent traffic.
  • Or individuals who are needing help with monetization.

 They have designed other courses that can help with the above issues.  Mainly Pinterest Traffic Avalanche for help with increasing your blog traffic and Six-Figure Blogger which helps with creating and implementing a monetization strategy.


Great Layout and Format

The teachable platform that they use is so easy to follow along with.  Both the videos and reading sections are very well laid out.  Everything is laid out in a specific order that will help you build your blog quickly and efficiently.  They do this so that you don’t get ahead of yourself and try and run before you can walk.

I loved how Alex and Lauren take you through everything step by step.  This was really helpful when setting up hosting and navigating WordPress.

Awesome Facebook Group

Another pro would definitely be the Create and Go Facebook group that you can join.  It is full of useful tips and you can go there to ask questions.  People are quick to respond and provide valuable feedback.

Tons of Information to get started

The amount of information that is covered in the course is awesome.  It is hard to find other courses out there that are packed with so much information.  I felt like I got a great deal for what I paid for.

Helpful and Encouraging Checklists

One part of Launch Your Blog Biz and all of their courses for that matter that I really liked were the Checklists.  The checklists helped keep you on task and push you to get your blog up and running very quickly.  They were invaluable!

Up to Date Content

Courses can tend to get outdated and irrelevant very quickly.  One of the best parts of all of their courses not just Launch Your Blog Biz is that they keep them up to date.  You also get lifetime access to the courses so when they make changes you can see what things you can do to improve your blog, as blogging continues to change and evolve!


I want to honest and upfront with some of the things that I did not like about the course.

Skewed Perception of Making Money Timeline 

The time that it takes to start seeing results takes much longer than it did with their blog.  They make you feel like you can see success (making serious money) within a few short months.

While this may have been the case with them, you need to remember that they started in a completely different “era” of blogging.  Pinterest, the main source of their traffic was a completely different animal in 2016-2018 than it is now.

I’m not saying that it’s not possible to see huge success in a very short amount of time, but that is definitely not the norm.

They Don’t Give a Variety of Examples

Sometimes Alex and Lauren are hard to relate too.  They don’t cover very many niches.  And only talk about the health and fitness niche and DOGS.  There were lots of dog examples.  This somewhat makes sense because the health and fitness niche is where they saw their success.  As for the dogs… I don’t know where they were pulling that from.

It would have been nice for them to branch out and explore a few other niches and how people have been successful in those particular niches.

Starting a blog the right way

I am a complete believer in online courses.  The hardest part is finding good ones.  Ones that are relevant, full of useful information, and up to date.  That is what I love about the Create and Go courses.  The Launch Your Blog Biz course checked off all of the requirements that I was looking for.

The course was all that they promised that it would be.  I was able to quickly start my blog in less than a month because of what I learned in the Launch Your Blog Biz course.  It would have taken me so much longer if it was not for them.

If you are thinking about starting a blog I would highly recommend their course.  It will help you get started the right way.

Have you started your blog?  What courses have you taken that have been helpful in your blogging journey?  What are some courses that have NOT been helpful?  Comment below, I would love to hear.

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