Super Easy DIY St Patricks Day Craft

Wooden sign craft

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If you are looking for a cute, simple and quick St Patricks Day craft for your home, you have come to the right place. This St. Patricks Day wooden sign DIY Craft is perfect.

Supplies you will need

  • Wood plaque (size) with 4 holes along top and bottom
  • Tulle
  • Ribbon
  • Paintbrushes or foam brushes
  • Paint
  • Letter stencils
  • Sandpaper (not pictured)


St Patricks Day Craft Supplies


I decided to paint the wood a cream color, but you can choose any color of your choice.


St Patricks Day Craft painting wood


Paint one coat over the wood. I even decided to leave the edges so this was super simple, easy and quick.


St Patricks Day Wooden painted sign

Once it is dry, grab some sandpaper. I used a 150 grain and then use the sandpaper to scuff the paint off. This gives is a cute, rustic look and you can decide how much paint you want to take off. I sanded all over the wood. Some spots had more paint sanded off than others. Don’t make this perfect, just go to town and it will have its own unique look.

Grab your letter stencils and lay them on the wood. It is important to lay every letter out before you start adding in the paint because you want to make sure you can have all the letters fit nicely on there. Use a small round foam brush to cover the stencil area with green paint.


St patricks day craft sandpaper


Continue doing this with each letter until you have finished the whole word. As you can see I am reusing stencils from previous projects so no need to buy new ones if you already have some.


St patricks day stencil letters


I decided to do the word “LUCKY” but you could even do “LUCK” or any work of your choice that associates with St. Patrick’s Day.


St patricks day lucky sign


Grab your ribbon and tulle and align them all together and start threading them through the holes. I chose to do two different colors of tulle but you could just use one color if you wanted. Start at the top lefthand corner and thread your ribbon and tule through the hole and then pull it back through the bottom lefthand corner. You can see pictured how the ribbon and tulle are laying on the back of the wood.


st patricks day wooden sign ribbon


Continue weaving in and out of each hole. It can be helpful to try and use the ribbon to cover around the tulle so the tulle doesn’t catch on the wood in the holes and snag.

Pro tip- have some help you case the tulle with the ribbon while you pull it through


St patricks day wooden sign craft



Once you have made it through each hole you should end up at the top again. Now tie a bow with your excess ribbon. If you don’t have enough left you can always push more through.


St patricks day wooden sign craft


After you have one bow-tied, cut some more ribbon and tulle and tie another bow on top. This will help the bow look bigger and fuller.


st patricks day bow tying


After you had tied both bows, just pull them apart and fluff them up. You can also trim the excess length off of the bow tassels.


St patricks day craft bow


And that is it! Find a little plaque holder and it will be the perfect little St Patricks day craft decoration for your home.


Finished st patricks day craft


     St Patricks Day DIY   


Lucky sign craft

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