The best baby monitor for a frugal mom

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Preparing for a new baby can be overwhelming. Especially with the baby market saturated with so many different products, it can be confusing and frustrating to know what products to purchase. In regards to sleeping, as mothers, we want to provide the safest sleeping situation for our little ones. I have found that having a good, reliable baby monitor and camera really helps give the peace of mind I need to know my baby is safe.

Back in the day when my parents had young children like I do now, they didn’t have access to all of this amazing technology we have today. I guess they got by just fine, but I do have to say I am grateful that we have access to modern technology that can help ease parenting in some ways.

To be honest, when I first had my baby, I just had one of those super-cheap monitors that was just a sound monitor. I even said I didn’t need or want a video monitor, I thought they were unnecessary and expensive. Well, let’s just say, I quickly changed my mind!

The advantages of having a video monitor:

As a first-time mother, I think it is pretty normal to have anxiety and worry constantly for your little one. I know I was that way and I am pretty sure I wasn’t alone when I felt those feelings.

Becoming a Mum is scary, exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. With so many new responsibilities to juggle, having a monitor where you can hear and actually see your baby is such a huge help. Here is a list of reasons why a video monitor is worth adding to your list of must-haves.

  • When your baby is still being swaddled, a video monitor allows you to see if your baby’s swaddle becomes loose or they break out of it.
  • You can see if your baby is awake or asleep without having to go into the room and risk waking them.
  • It can be a GREAT tool for sleep training. A video monitor will give you peace of mind knowing that your child is safe and you can also begin to recognize the tools they use to fall asleep on their own.
  • You can see if your toddler is getting into mischief and trying to climb out.
  • If your baby wakes up crying, you are able to use the video monitor to find out why.
  • It also allows you to monitor your child who has advanced to a toddler bed and see if they are getting out of bed and playing in their room instead of sleeping.

Really the list could go on and on. Buying a video monitor is honestly one of the best baby purchases I made. I use it every single day for naptime and all night long when my baby sleeps at night.

What is the best video monitor?

Well, this is one of those questions that really doesn’t have a set answer. There are SO many video monitors to choose from out there, that I believe there isn’t just ONE that is the best.

I’m sure there are plenty of mothers that swear by the monitor they have, and they might have a completely different one to me. And that is ok!

There may be a better choice than the one I recommend but it also may be way more pricey. So, I guess you have to weigh up what features are most important to you.

I am going to share with you the monitor that I have and why I love it and think it is the perfect choice for functionality, quality, and affordability.

Hello Baby Video Monitor:

When I realized I needed a video monitor, I began researching (like I always do) all of the options out there. I read review after review on Amazon and found a few different options that could be good choices.

There were a few really nice ones that seemed to have acquired quite the plethora of amazing reviews, but the price tag was just more than I was intending to spend. Everyone raved about the amazing graphics and camera adjustability but at over $100 or even closer to $200 I just wasn’t willing to spend that much.

You know how it is as a mother, everything costs money and the list of things to buy always seems to be endless, so sometimes budgets are tights and $120 for a video monitor just might not seem viable (for me at least).

There were a few in a lower more affordable price range but they all seemed so similar with comparable features. This is where I always find it hard to pick.

I found out one of my friends had a video monitor, so I asked her what one she used and if she liked it. She had nothing but good things to say about it and so I looked it up and I was sold!

Hello Baby Monitor

I don’t know about you, but I am even more willing to buy something when a friend or someone I know, and trust recommends it. It seems like a friend’s review or someone you know seems to validate all of those other great Amazon reviews and helps you make the decision.

Well, the decision was made, and I quickly purchased the Hello Baby monitor and the rest is history. Here are the many pros and just a few cons I have found from using it for over a year.


  • I have always found this monitor to have a pretty good long-range. I can have the monitor with me while I’m out in the barn feeding the animals and my baby sleeps. It claims to have 960 feet of range, which I think it achieves really well.
  • Hello Baby has a 2x zoom feature that allows you to watch your baby more closely if needed.
  • It has really good picture quality both in the daytime light and nighttime vision. My baby always sleeps in a really dark room and the night vision is really clear and easy to see.
  • The monitor also has a two-way talkback which can be convenient if you need to soothe your baby or talk to your toddler without having to go into their room.
  • It also has a lullaby feature that my little guy actually loves to listen to when he wakes up from his naps.
  • Although I have never used this feature, this monitor offers multiple camera expandability. You can pair up to 4 cameras to keep an eye on additional rooms if needed.
  • This monitor has an adjustable volume and a mute option. When muted it will still show a red light on the monitor if there is noise in the room.
  • Another great feature for nighttime is that you can turn off the video screen and just use it as an audio monitor. If needed you just press the button on the top of the monitor to light up the screen. This is so helpful, so you don’t have a distracting screen light on all night when you are trying to sleep!
  • It seems to have great battery life and charges fairly quickly.
  • The monitor will beep if the camera end becomes disconnected. Although this has never happened to me, it is nice to know it will alert me if for some reason the camera fell and became disconnected in the middle of the night.
  • Such an AFFORDABLE price. Sometimes this monitor goes on sale, so it ranges anywhere from $49.99-$69.99. Even at $69.99 it is such a great price for the quality and functionality.

All in all, the Hello Baby Video Monitor has so many great benefits. It is really a no brainer!


To be honest I don’t really have many negative things to say about it but I will list a few things that I can think of if I am being really picky!

  • The temperature gauge on the monitor isn’t always super accurate. It seems to be a couple of degrees off. I really do like to keep track of the temperature of my baby’s room, but I find it more accurate to buy a little compact room thermometer. Even some of the more expensive monitors didn’t seem to have very reliable temperature readings. This isn’t a big deal for me, so I don’t see it as an issue.
  • The screen size is a little small, but Hello Baby offers another model that DOES have a bigger screen. I just decided to choose the smaller one as it was a little cheaper. The bigger screen runs about $10 more, so is still VERY affordable.
  • You do have to manually adjust the camera to the right angle to capture your baby on the screen. Hello Baby does offer another model that has a pan-tilt-zoom feature for about $20 more. If this is something that you want that would be a great route to go. For me, I didn’t mind doing it manually.

Overall, Hello Baby offers a GREAT baby video monitor choice. I couldn’t be happier with it. I seriously don’t know if I could go without having a video monitor. It is so convenient, useful and seriously gives the best peace of mind.

What baby monitor do you have? Have you used a video monitor before? I would love to hear other great recommendations.  

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Best video monitor for frugal moms
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