The top 6 baby sleep products you need to help your baby sleep

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As a mother, sleep is CRUCIAL, but it seems like it plays hard to get during those baby years. As a first time Mum, I didn’t know if I would sleep through an entire night ever again. Thankfully there was light at the end of the tunnel and I did sleep again. These top 6 baby sleep products were exactly what I needed to help my baby sleep through the night.

Babies grow and change insanely fast. One minute you have an itty bitty newborn who just seems to eat and sleep (well sometimes).

Then before you know it, you have a talking toddler running around your house and you don’t even know where the time went.

Even though babies grow so quickly, they still love some type of a routine or schedule to rely on. To add to that, having certain products be part of those bedtime routines can really help set the stage.

This makes their sleeping environment the perfect place for a long night’s rest. Which means you get the sleep you need too! It is a win-win, all around the board.

baby sleep products

Whether you are awaiting the arrival of your sweet little one and want to be equipped and prepared these will be perfect for your registry. OR  maybe you are already dealing with some sleep struggles and looking for some help.

These top 6 baby sleep products will be your nursey must-haves and you won’t want to be without them.

There are a lot of other items that hold a larger price tag that people have so many great things to say about like, the doc-A-tot, owlet monitor, or the snoo.

Even though these products might be something you want to research and invest in, I am going to skip those ones for today and focus on the smaller more affordable items that are easy to pop on your registry or find online, without spending a large sum of money.

The top 6 baby sleep products

1. A good baby video monitor

When I first was getting my baby registry altogether, I just put one of those super-cheap all-sound baby monitors on there. I had tentatively looked into the video monitors and to be honest, they all were super expensive.

I just didn’t think I would really need or want a video one, so I just went ahead and got one the cheap ones.

Even though the cheap ones do a fine job and you will hear if your baby needs you, a few months into being a mother I quickly changed my mind and decided I needed a video monitor so I could actually see my baby.

I found the perfect video monitor that does everything you need it to without the expensive price tag. Check out my post “The best baby monitor for a frugal mom” for more details on it!

Hello Baby Monitor

A good baby video monitor will be one of your favorite purchases. It will give you the peace of mind you need as a mother because you can actually see your baby and not worry so much!

Especially when you are teaching your baby how to self soothe. Being able to actually see them on the screen will help you decided if you need to go and intervene. A video monitor is a HUGE help in any sleep training regard, I absolutely love having one!

2. Baby sleep sack

Sleep sacks are a great option for safe and sound sleeping. Depending on your baby’s age, it will kind of depict what sleep sack will be best for them. When my baby was first newborn, I swaddled him more than using a sleep sack. When he reached about 3-4 months old I transitioned him into a sleep sack.

Baby in a Bag Sleeping Bag

The great thing about a sleep sack is that you don’t have to worry about your baby kicking off the covers.

They won’t wake in the middle of the night because they are cold. It also provides an ultra-safe sleeping environment because a sleep sack isn’t like a loose blanket. This eliminates any fear about a blanket covering their face in the night.

The last thing about having your baby wear a sleep sack is that it instills an extra cozy, comforting feeling for them. It can help them feel safe and secure.

If you have no idea where to start with finding the best sleep sack for your baby, check out my “The 5 best sleep sacks for your baby” post. It will point you in just the right direction.

3. A sound machine

My baby’s sound machine is one of my most used items off of my baby registry. It wasn’t an item of clothing he outgrew or a toy he no longer used. He still uses that good ole’ sound machine almost 2 years later.

Sound Bub White Noise Sound Machine

New babies are used to the sounds of utero and a soft, quiet sound machine can offer those same effects and sounds creating a comforting and relaxing environment for your baby.

Even when your baby grows out of that newborn stage, a sound machine can still offer a constant, relaxing sound.

This can help you baby sleep better and also drown out any outside noises that could occur and possibly wake your baby.

Obviously you don’t want your child to become so completely dependent on a sound machine that they simply can’t sleep a wink without it.

So you want to treat it as something in the background that can help induce and set the tone for bedtime.

It can also offer a buffer for drowning out environmental noises or other distractions that could occur while your baby is sleeping and cause them to wake prematurely.

4. Your child needs a lovey

Ok in terms of sleep props, I usually will advise against them. Simply because I think they create more problems and can make teaching your baby good sleep habits a little more difficult.

BUT with that being said a lovey is one “sleep prop” I 100% approve of!

Fox shlumpie lovey for baby sleep

A lovey or a blankie can provide your baby with something they associate sleep with and help make sleeping a positive experience. It can give them comfort and help them self soothe if needed.

If my child does happen to wake in the night, he knows he can find his lovey, snuggle it tight and will drift back off to sleep without a problem.

4 baby sleep props to avoid to get your baby to sleep through the night“- Check this post out to find out what sleep props you SHOULD avoid

How a lovey can help your baby sleep better” – Take a look at this post to learn more about loveys. When to introduce one to your child and how they can really help make your baby sleep through the night.

5. Use blackout curtains

Creating the best sleep environment for your baby will set them up for the best success. I know have a dark completely room isn’t always possible and can be more tricky during the day or if you are at someone else’s house but just do your best.

Eliminating as much light as possible in their sleeping area as you can, will really help them sleep better.

Think about it, when we go to sleep it is dark outside and we usually end up turning all our lights in the house off and we make it dark inside too.

Darkness stimulates our bodies to produce the natural sleep hormone- Melatonin. When we produce melatonin, it naturally induces our bodies to want and need to fall asleep.

Find some good, quality blackout curtains for your child’s room and do your best to make it dark in there. I promise you it will be worth it!

If you need your baby to nap at a friend’s house or you are traveling, here is a great travel set of blackout blinds that are easy to use and do the job. Or a closet works well too (totally had my baby nap in a closet before!)

Blackout curtains baby product

6. Lotion time and oils

Part of good sleep success is having a good bedtime routine for your baby that is predictable and helps them prepare for bedtime.

Part of my baby’s bedtime routine consists of rubbing lotion and essential oils onto my baby. After bathtime, I lotion my baby’s whole body and also use some oils.

This helps relax your baby and settles their busy little mind and bodies down to where they can be more receptive and ready to go to sleep.

For more bedtime routine ideas head over and read “10 things that will help your baby’s bedtime routine

These are my top 6 baby sleep products that have really contributed to my baby sleeping so well. Each of these products are part of my baby’s everyday sleep schedule and I find each of them valuable and successful.

Whether it is the monitor for me to be able to check on him or my baby’s lovey that makes him excited and ready for bedtime they all play a part and a role. They are definite baby sleep must-haves in my book.

What are your favorite baby sleep products? Have you tried any of the ones I mentioned? Let me know in the comments below!

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