Unique toddler easter basket gift ideas

toddler easter basket ideas

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Creating Easter traditions can be fun and exciting especially for those little ones. Whether you haven’t done an Easter basket yet, or you are just looking for some fun things to fill it with. Here are 12 unique, useful and exciting things to put in a toddler Easter basket.

First off, it seems like the most universal Easter basket filler is candy. sugar, sugar, oh and some more sugar! Whether it is chocolate Cadbury eggs (don’t get me wrong those are delicious), Easter bunnies, peeps or jelly beans, your toddler is going to be flying through the roof after it is all said and done.

I try to keep my toddler’s eating habits as healthy as possible and to be completely honest with you he is not a picky eater, at all! But I strongly believe that is because I am really particular about what I feed him.

Of course, I can’t shelter him from all those sugary goods forever, and he still gets sugar from time to time, just in small doses. So with that being said, I just see no reason why I should fill his Easter basket with candies and chocolates. At least not his second easter (he isn’t even 2 yet!) Plus, if he doesn’t know any different why spoil it, right?! I’m sure as he gets older, he’ll get some easter “treats” in his basket but this year I am going to focus on other things and add a few healthy snacks instead.


Don’t let Easter baskets stress you out

Ok, first off, I am putting out a little disclosure. These easter basket ideas for toddlers are flexible. Don’t let it stress you out because you feel like you have to do it a certain way! Don’t feel like you have to go all out if you don’t want to or don’t have the extra funds to throw $50+ at it. Honestly, your toddler isn’t going to know any different. You are setting the traditions right now, so do what makes sense to you.

I am including A LOT of things in this basket and here is a little secret, there are a few items in there that I already had (like bubbles and stickers) and my toddler will have no idea! That might not always work, but I will work it while I can 😉

If you don’t want to spend a bunch or have a really small budget, that is totally A-OKAY! A bunch of these things I actually just found at the Dollar Store and you could just get a small basket or bucket so it can’t hold a lot anyway!


Toddler Easter basket ideas

So for a basket, you can get creative, if that is your thing! By all means, use a basket (and get it from the dollar store) if that is easiest but you can also become a little inventive and switch things up if you’d like. We live on a little homestead so we have animals and seem to spend a lot of time at the animal feed store. Because of those frequent trips, my toddler sees these plastic animal feed buckets and for some reason always seems to want one!

He is kind of in the stage where he likes to put stuff into things, so I thought, why not?! I’ll use a feed bucket for his “basket” he can play with it, put his toys in, and then when the novelty wears off, I’ll take it right out for the cow, horse or goats to use! It is a win-win!

Some other ideas would be using a backpack and filling that up with goodies. Rain boots, an umbrella, or even a toy dump truck of some sort (a Tonka truck would be perfect!) and you could fill the dump bed up.

The bucket I chose, was rather large (definitely not needed) but I used a couple of tricks to make it look “fuller” than it actually is and helps all the toys be seen.

If your household is anything like ours, you probably have a plethora of plastic grocery bags. Grab a bunch and throw them right in your basket, bucket or whatever you have. Obviously the smaller your “basket” the less you’ll need. I needed quite a lot….

I also grabbed some plastic eggs and “Easter grass” from the dollar store.

Easter basket preparation


Plastic egg fillers

As I said before, I try to avoid giving my toddler sugary treats, especially at his age. So I decided to fill the plastic eggs with some of his favorite snacks along with these miniature animals. I got the animals at the toy store Red Balloon, but you could also use these from Amazon.

Obviously use caution and depending on the age, these might be too small. My little guy is really good at not putting stuff in his mouth, plus I am always supervising him when he plays these little animals.

I also made sure I cleaned out the eggs before putting the unwrapped graham crackers in there.

Filling easter eggs


Learning, reading and coloring

My toddler LOVES to read, do flashcards and know is obsessed with coloring too! Walmart usually has a pretty good toddler book section and you can find a board book for pretty cheap. You can find flashcards just about anywhere and the vehicle bingo was at the Dollar Store. It is a dry erase board with every vehicle on it (which usually will make any toddler boy happy) and it comes with 2 dry erase markers! I love the dollar store!

The Water Wow On the Go coloring pad, is from Melissa and Doug are pretty easy to find. Toddlers are still perfecting their coloring skills so the Water Wow is perfect for tiny tots. It is mess-free and perfect for car rides.


coloring and reading


Dollar tree specials

All 3 of these gifts were found at the good ole’ Dollar Store, I’m telling you guys, you kind find some real gems there and it is SO cheap! Toddlers love balls and throwing things, so I added a fun squishy ball, along with surprise mini boo and a kite. Springtime can sometimes bring windy weather (at least where we live) so a kite is a great Easter gift that will get the whole family outside enjoying its perks.


easter gifts


A few of their favorite things

You can’t forget to add their favorite things! My toddler is crazy about anything that has wheels and makes loud sounds. Cars and tractors fall nicely into that category so he will be over the moon when he sees these. Find something that your toddler loves and include that in their basket. If you have a toddler girl, maybe it is dolls, frozen characters or fluffy stuffed animals.

I have a stash of stickers, so I added some of those into the basket too! He can’t remember what stickers we already have, so it will probably still be a surprise for him!


easter basket gift ideas


Practical items

I love being able to include practical gifts for my toddler. Things that he might find exciting but also that are needed or he will use. I got him some socks, sunglasses (praying the sun arrives soon) and slippers. Since we are entering spring, Walmart toddler slippers seem to be all on clearance as they bring in the sandals and flip flops. So I thought a dollar pair of dinosaur slippers will make my toddler happy! He always loves wearing his dad’s slippers that so I think he is going to feel pretty cool with his own pair.

We are going to do a garden this year and plant a ton of fruits and vegetables. I am a strong believer in teaching kids young. Teaching them how to work and how we get our food. Even though seeds might not seem like a good match for a toddler easter gift, it will provide the perfect learning opportunity. When we plant, he will feel extra special when he gets to use “his” seeds.

Another practical item you could add is a toddler pillow. As toddlers get to be 2 or 3 years old some of them become ready for a pillow to sleep with at night. This is could be a fun time to introduce one, plus it will get used too (hopefully). My toddler also has a squishmallow which he likes laying on and relaxing with.


Easter basket gifts


Interactive play

I wanted to include something that was interactive and fun for my toddler and came across this play tunnel. This is an Easter gift that will provide oodles of fun for your tot and keep them entertained for days. Plus, when you are done you just compress it and it stores away really easy.


Play tunnel


A few more ideas

Some more ideas are animal toys, picture books, and stuff animals. I got some empty picture album books and decided to fill them with pictures of family members. This is a great way to help your toddler become familiar with extended family, their faces and names.

I got a second one that I also filled with pictures of Christ and Easter related things. If you are religious, Easter is a great time to reflect on the Savior’s resurrection. Religion is a big part of our everyday life so I thought it would be fun to make one of the albums Christ-centered and it can be something we can take to church.


easter basket gift ideas


Healthy alternative food options

Here are some healthy alternatives to Easter candy. My toddler loves these so I thought I would throw a few in. There are some great healthy suckers or candy out there too (check out your natural grocery store) if you would like to include some of that. I just try to avoid the high quantities of sugar along with the additives and colorings.


Healthy Easter snacks


Well, that about wraps it up! I simply got some tule ribbon and tied a bow around the bucket holding the tunnel in place (since it was too big to fit in the actual bucket) I hope this toddler easter basket gave you some ideas for your kiddo.


toddler easter basket


What have been your favorite Easter basket stuffers? Do you and your family have any fun Easter traditions?


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toddler easter basket

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