Why you should be reading to your baby or toddler

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Reading to your baby or toddler can be one of the best things you can do for them. Early exposure to reading provides so many great benefits, it is something you shouldn’t miss out on. Keep reading to find out why you should read to your baby or toddler.

7 reasons why you should be reading to your baby or toddler

Reading really is the foundation for all other types of learning. Starting at an early age will set your little one off on the right foot.

I remember I would read aloud to my baby right from the start. Creating good habits from the start will benefit your child greatly and help them develop a love for books.

reading to baby or toddler

1. Reading to your baby or toddler develops their language skills

This one seems pretty obvious, but it is true. Reading helps develop language skills. Reading words out loud to your youngster will simply develop their speaking abilities.

Their vocabulary will expand, and they will begin to learn and understand new words, phrases, and situations.

Mom and toddler reading together

Finding books that are age-appropriate for your baby or toddler will offer simple words, or sentences to help develop their language skills.

Finding out simple keys words in books and sounding them out can be a great reading exercise you can incorporate while reading together.

2. They will understand so much more and become aware of their surroundings and the world around them

Along with developing language skills, reading to your baby or toddler will actually help them understand so many other things.

You will be amazed at how many phrases, questions, and instructions they understand.

Along with them being able to understand things more, they will also become more aware of their surroundings along with the world around them.

Maybe they begin to spot trees when you go to the park or certain animals at a farm. Kids are smart, when they see and learn about something in a book, they then begin to be more aware of those things in real life.

3. Your baby or toddler will be creative and have a good imagination

Stories open a whole new and exciting world for babies and toddlers. Read with expression and excitement and those stories will come alive to your littles.

Their imaginations will begin to run wild with endless possibilities and they will start to dream big.

Toddler reading a book

4. Reading will help improve concentration (and make long car rides easier)

As babies become toddlers, they are constantly on the go. Once they figure out how to crawl, walk and run they seem to be everywhere.

That is just what toddlers do BUT reading to them can help them improve their concentration and learn to sit still, even if it is just for 5 minutes.

Obviously don’t force your busy toddler to sit for 45 mins reading a book if they don’t want to, but if you make reading part of every day even just for a few minutes you may be surprised at how it can help with concentration.

My toddler LOVES to read and will often request to read or bring me a pile of books to read with him. Reading a book can help your toddler be settled and wind down.

It is the PERFECT bedtime routine activity. Sitting with your child and reading teaches them to concentrate on something and be calm and control their bodies.

If your little one can concentrate and take an interest in reading, it can be heaven-sent for long car rides. My toddler has never really loved the car, but he does love books.

Books were always an essential item for car journeys. He was able to concentrate and be entertained by looking through the pages. It has saved our sanity for many car rides.

Adding some interactive books to your library are awesome choices for the car. Here are some great options:

5. Reading to your baby or toddler provides the perfect teaching and learning experience

We all want to start our children off right. We want to make sure we teach them the right things and reading is a great opportunity to do this.

Even at a young age, as we read, we can teach them about different emotions, experiences, objects, and so much more.

Whether it is a story book or a sensory book, you can teach simple things along the way.

My little guy likes the classic “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” book, this book shares lots of different types of foods that the caterpillar eats.

We like pointing to the food that my toddler likes and dislikes; this makes him feel part of the book and more involved. We also can learn how when the caterpillar eats lots of “junk food” his tummy feels sick.

I can help my toddler understand the importance of eating a well-balanced diet so we can grow healthy and strong.

No matter what book you are reading, look for opportunities to teach your baby or toddler and I can promise you they will learn from reading with you.

6. It provides mental, visual, and sensory stimulation

Finding ways to stimulate your baby or toddler in all areas is great for their development. Reading books doesn’t only stimulate their brains but reading can also offer visual and sensory stimulation.

If you have a young baby, finding a book with basic shapes and colors can be a perfect way to visually stimulate them.

Or reading a touchy-feely book is really good for sensory skills. My baby loved these when he was younger. It is a great way for them to reach out and feel different textures.

Reading to baby provides visual stimulation

If you have an older toddler, lift-a-flap books are awesome like this one! These help them interact and look behind the flaps. My toddler enjoys the books that make sounds and he likes to then copy the sounds.

Asking your child to search and spot things in a book can be fun and a great mental and visual stimulation for your toddler.

Maybe your toddler knows what clouds look like in real life, try asking them to identify them in a book. This simple activity of having them search and look on a page for a specific item, object or thing is such a good mental exercise.

Doing this also helps them learn the variation of things. Every book artist is different, so some things may look a little different in each book.

Teaching your child how to recognize an object or thing in multiple different books is a great brain and visual stimulation.

7. Reading to your baby or toddler is a great time to bond

I love snuggling up on the couch with a blanket, my little guy and a book in hand. Reading together creates a great bonding experience for both mother and baby.

It is a time where you can be quiet, calm, and teach your child. Reading is also a great time to connect and simply be together, one and one.

In a nutshell, reading to your baby or toddler is a great thing to do. Along with all of the benefits reading together can have, it is just a good wholesome activity that will last through their childhood.

I love to see a child with a nose in a book rather than their eyes glued to the TV screen. Start your little ones now and make reading part of your day.

Do you already read with your baby or toddler? What are some of your favorite books to read with them?

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